March 2022 LibraryReads List

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March library reads collage

You voted, they counted, and A BRUSH WITH LOVE by Mazey Eddings, THE KAIJU PRESERVATION SOCIETY by John Scalzi, THE NIGHT SHIFT by Alex Finlay, THE SUITE SPOT by Trish Doller, SUNDIAL by Catriona Ward, and UNDER LOCK & SKELETON KEY by Gigi Pandian are LibraryReads Picks for March 2022! Plus, Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen enter the Hall of Fame with THE GOLDEN COUPLE!

A BRUSH WITH LOVE by Mazey Eddings
ISBN 9781250805980 | on sale 3/1/22

“An anxious dentist isn’t sure she can handle taking a study break for love in Eddings’s alternately raunchy and poignant debut . . . Fans of Grey’s Anatomy will feel right at home at Callowhill University’s School of Dental Medicine.”–Publishers Weekly

ISBN 9780765389121 | on sale 3/15/22

“The parallel world Scalzi builds is understandably dangerous even as he carries on the science fiction tradition of questioning who the real monsters are, but those realistically dark elements help highlight the more optimistic themes of collective action and preservation. The resulting escape is equally lighthearted and grounded—and sure to delight.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Scalzi is a big name in sf, and his inventive latest will also garner attention outside the genre.”–Booklist, starred review

THE NIGHT SHIFT by Alex Finlay
ISBN 9781250268884 | on sale 3/1/22

“The pseudonymous Finlay’s strong sophomore effort opens on New Year’s Eve 1999 at a Linden, N.J., Blockbuster Video store, where the manager and three teenage employees are murdered . . . Thriller fans will eagerly await Finlay’s next.”–Publishers Weekly

THE SUITE SPOT by Trish Doller
ISBN 9781250809476 | on sale 3/8/22

“This gentle, warm love story, told in a month-by-month format, entices readers to speed through it all at once, even as it also insists that the reader slow down in contemplation.”–Booklist, starred review

SUNDIAL by Catriona Ward
ISBN 9781250812681 | on sale 3/1/22

“With this masterful horror novel, Ward weaves a seething, hallucinatory tale of family, death, and hereditary trauma that will keep readers guessing all the way to the devastating conclusion . . . This is a must-read for fans of gothic literature and taut psychological thrillers.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

ISBN 9781250804983 | on sale 3/15/22

“Pandian is in top form in this thoroughly enjoyable series launch starring 26-year-old Tempest Raj, a Las Vegas, Nev., magician, who returns home to California after a stage accident . . . Lovers of traditional mysteries with quirky characters will be well rewarded.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review


THE GOLDEN COUPLE by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen
ISBN 9781250273208 | on sale 3/8/22

“The authors keep the pages turning. This one represents a return toward the high standard of their early nail-biters.”–Publishers Weekly

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