Genre Friday: Sci Fi Fantasy (9/24/21)

A city built on a god’s remains + a vampire war against humanity + a sweltering and haunting queer Southern Gothic + a magical debut about the sisterhood of magic = this sci fi/fantasy spotlight!

MORDEW by Alex Pheby

“Highly recommended for those interested in sprawling, bizarre fantasy worlds that run counter to the post-Tolkien mode.”–Booklist, starred review


“Kristoff’s multifaceted exploration of morality is enticing and complex.”–Publishers Weekly

SUMMER SONS by Lee Mandelo

“A great choice for readers who enjoy thought-provoking and engaging horror that asks its protagonists to come to terms with the monsters—both literal and metaphorical—in their past (such as Sam J. Miller’s THE BLADE BETWEEN or Cynthia Pelayo’s CHILDREN OF CHICAGO).”–Library Journal

THE ORPHAN WITCH by Paige Crutcher

“The novel’s intricate Western European–inspired worldbuilding and layered characters make it a fit for fans of Alice Hoffman and Deborah Harkness.”–Library Journal

Click here for our ‘Get to Know Paige Crutcher‘! 

MORDEW by Alex Pheby; 9781250817211; available now.
EMPIRE OF THE VAMPIRE by Jay Kristoff; 9781250245281; available now.
SUMMER SONS by Lee Mandelo; 9781250790286; 9/28/21.
THE ORPHAN WITCH by Paige Crutcher; 9781250797377; 9/28/21.

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