Title Spotlight: L.A. WEATHER (9/23/21)

Today’s forecast is partly funny, partly heartbreaking, with a high chance of complexity in the story of the Alvarado family in María Amparo Escandón’s L.A. WEATHER.

Oscar Alvarado does nothing but fret about L.A.’s current drought even as he dwells on a longstanding secret, and Keila, his wife of 40 years, has finally had it; she asks for a divorce.

Now their children–hard-nosed television chef Claudia, gentrification-anxious architect Olivia, and tech-smart, love-clumsy Patricia–are compelled to examine their own lives and assumptions.

L.A. WEATHER is a joyful, fun, and fast-paced story of an affluent Mexican American family from a Latina author. Filled with family drama, romantic relationships, and each character’s place in both, it is exactly what readers have been wanting more of.

“Beyond the juicy plot, Escandón is a pro at capturing the socioeconomic geography of L.A.; even scenes of mundane life such as a trip to get ice cream provide occasions for the characters to comment on the shifting fortunes of acquaintances after being priced out of up-and-came east side neighborhoods. This is by far one of the most endearing L.A. novels in recent memory.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

L.A. WEATHER by María Amparo Escandón; 9781250802569; available now.

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