Debut Spotlight (5/4/21)

This debut spotlight includes the suspenseful story of a photographer’s obsession, a Greek myth retelling, an epic fantasy filled with goblins and goddesses, an all girls’ boarding school with deep secrets, and a romantic story set against a Cape Cod summer.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER by Mary Dixie Carter

An Indie Next pick!

“Delta Dawn, the narrator of Carter’s outstanding debut, is a much-sought-after photographer of children’s fetes among Brooklyn’s artsy set, who has the ability to create picture-perfect moments of connection that never were through the magic of Photoshop and other manipulations…Brace for hold-your-breath suspense from this dazzlingly devious newcomer.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

ARIADNE by Jennifer Saint

An Indie Next pick!

“Saint expertly highlights how often the women of this world pay the price for the actions of the men around them. Lovers of mythology should snap this up.”–Publishers weekly

THE BLACKTONGUE THIEF by Christopher Buehlman

2 starred reviews!

“Give this to those readers eager for George R. R. Martin or Patrick Rothfuss to finish their series, or to any fantasy fan. Highly recommended for all library collections. This is epic fantasy adventure at its best.”–Booklist, starred review

“Buehlman (THE LESSER DEAD) offers a departure from his horror novels in this fantasy with dark undertones. With fabulous examples of invented languages and dialects, this title is transporting.”–Library Journal, starred review

MADAM by Phoebe Wynne

“Wynne’s writing is slow, steady, and suspenseful, with the novel’s twists built carefully into the text to highlight the overwhelming nature of systemic power and the helplessness and bleakness that lie at the core of the school’s system. Fans of dark academia will fall hard for this gothic tale powered by bold heroines who refuse to submit.”–Booklist

A SUMMER TO REMEMBER by Erika Montgomery

“Thirty-year-old Frankie Simon loves the movie memorabilia shop on Hollywood Boulevard she opened with her late mother; now it’s her only connection to family. But she has just received a picture of her mother with a famed movie star at a long-ago film festival on the East Coast, which sends her straight to Cape Cod.”–Library Journal Pre-Pub Alert

THE PHOTOGRAPHER by Mary Dixie Carter; 9781250790330; available 5/25/21.
ARIADNE by Jennifer Saint; 9781250773586; available now.
THE BLACKTONGUE THIEF by Christopher Buehlman; 9781250621191; available 5/25/21.
MADAM by Phoebe Wynne; 9781250272041; available 5/18/21.
A SUMMER TO REMEMBER by Erika Montgomery; 9781250274083; available 5/11/21.

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