Imprint Spotlight: St. Martin’s Publishing Group

Up next in our Imprint Spotlight series, indulge in some book recs and a tribute to libraries from Sylvan Creekmore, Associate Editor at St. Martin’s Publishing Group.

Sylvan Creekmore [Associate Editor, SMPG]

“SMPG is an author-focused imprint with an audience-minded perspective. This means that we excel at finding projects with commercial appeal across adult and YA fiction, thriller/mystery, business, diet & health, and mind/body/spirit (true to our generalist background!), and then taking care of those authors so they have long, multi-book careers.”

Sylvan’s favorites:

“Right now that’s a tie between Sophie Gonzales’s YA romcom Grease retelling, ONLY MOSTLY DEVASTATED, and a haunted-house gothic horror romance I just signed up, by Caitlin Starling [THE DEATH OF JANE LAWRENCE, 10/5/21].

I think GIDEON THE NINTH is the best book I’ve read [in 2019]—absolutely everything about it is incredible and surprising.”

Sylvan’s love of libraries:

“The YA section of [my] library was in a tiny alcove at the back of the library. If you were in there, no one could see you unless they poked their head in. The privacy it afforded was invaluable; there are so few sanctuaries that are teen-specific. Clearly, it left a huge impression on me, and a deep fondness for libraries for the rest of my life.

In my childhood and early teens, I spent a lot of time sitting on the floor in libraries or bookstores reading books I was too embarrassed to check out or buy. Eventually, those published books stopped being enough—for me, that was because they lacked queer stories, or the ones I found had a ring of inauthenticity, or I’d already burned through everything I could find. I found what I was looking for online: original, novel-length works that were as good or better than anything I’d read in print, that taught me immense amounts about the kind of person I could be. I thought there’s got to be a way to pay these writers. So I focused all my energy on becoming an editor.”

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ONLY MOSTLY DEVASTATED by Sophie Gonzales; 9781250315892; available now.
THE DEATH OF JANE LAWRENCE by Caitlin Starling; 9781250272584; available 10/5/21.
GIDEON THE NINTHS by Tamsyn Muir; 9781250313188; available now.

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