Women 2020: Finding Your Voice (1/28/20)

Today’s spotlight is on three women who found their voices…in fiction: a feminist tale about finding the freedom to live as one desires + a coming-of-age novel featuring a mother-daughter bond + a Victorian woman making decisions on marriage.

INDELICACY by Amina Cain

“Cain’s bewitching first novel is so deeply internalized that the reader knows neither what city the solitude-loving narrator lives in nor the time frame, though candles and carriages are mentioned, nor her age and appearance…Coulson is emotionally keen, acerbically witty, fleetly imaginative, and lyrically resonant, her love for the Met, for humanness, and for beauty radiant on each surprising page.”–Booklist, starred review

SALTWATER by Jessica Andrews     

A Library Journal Best Debut of 2020!

“Twenty-five-year-old Lucy Bailey reflects on her life after having moved from London to a quiet family home on the west coast of Ireland in this solid nonlinear debut from Andrews…[T]his coming-of-age story will appeal to readers who appreciate strong mother-daughter relationships.”–Publishers Weekly

THE UNSUITABLE by Molly Pohlig

“Iseult Wince, an unmarried 28-year-old woman, lives with her cruel father, Edward, and nurturing housekeeper, Mrs. Pennington, in late 1880s England…Pohlig’s antimarriage plot will interest fans of revisionist gothic fiction.”–Publishers Weekly  

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