Author Spotlight: Garth Greenwell (1/23/20)

Garth Greenwell, the award-winning author of WHAT BELONGS TO YOU, delves deeper into foreignness, obligation, desire, and love with his follow-up, CLEANNESS, available now.  

A January Indie Next pick + 2 starred reviews!

“Brave and beautiful.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Greenwell’s writing on language, desire, and sex in all their complex choreography vibrates with intensity, reading like brainwaves and heartbeats as much as words. Concerned with intimacy, its performance, and the inevitability of becoming and being oneself, this is in every way an enriching, deepening follow-up.”–Booklist, starred review

And don’t miss the book that started it all.

“The life of an American expat living in Bulgaria intersects repeatedly with that of a young gay hustler in this gorgeous debut novel from Greenwell…A luminous, searing exploration of desire, alienation, and the powerful tattoo of the past.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Greenwell’s novel is a brave and articulate psychological exploration of lust and desire, and though his rich language often carries the book (rather than the plot), the carnal pain on display is striking.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

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