June 2023 Mystery/Thrillers

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June 2023 mystery collage

We had some gripping mystery and thriller releases this month, including a reluctant psychic, a life-changing summer in the Greek isles, a murder next door, and more!

THE WOMAN INSIDE by M. T. Edvardsson

“In Stockholm’s university district, disastrous choices draw a struggling single father, a law student, and a directionless psychic hotline counselor into a double murder. Through Bill’s, Karla’s, and Jennica’s voices, alienation, self-preservation, and hope propel the story toward calamity with unrelenting suspense; highly recommended for fans of psychological thrillers.”—Booklist


3 starred reviews!

“Cosby’s literary skills are exceptional. His characters feel so real, his dialogue is pitch-perfect, and the story, which delves into the town’s grim past, a local church, and a far-right-wing group’s plan for celebrating the Confederacy, is of such moral complexity it wholly commands the reader’s close attention. This is a crime novel to savor and ponder.”—Booklist, starred review

“Cosby, the multi-award-winning author of BLACKTOP WASTELAND and RAZORBLADE TEARS, has a unique, powerful voice for social justice and racism. His compelling writing will have readers rooting for his latest unforgettable, flawed hero.”—Library Journal, starred review

“The hard-edged storytelling is supplemented by richly developed characters, especially Titus and his family, and Cosby elegantly layers his narrative over Virginia’s racial history, giving the proceedings uncommon emotional depth. This is easily the author’s strongest work to date.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

NIGHT WILL FIND YOU by Julia Heaberlin

“This gripping page-turner from Heaberlin conceals its secrets from even the cleverest readers . . . Vivian is an intelligent, perceptive character who’s a pleasure to spend time with, and when the plot kicks into gear, it’s nearly impossible to stop reading. This is Heaberlin at her best.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review


“Bishop makes her debut with this lyrical, emotional novel . . . Reminiscent of HBO’s hit The White Lotus, Bishop’s tale will draw readers in with its realistic descriptions of the island. The obvious read-alike is MY DARK VANESSA, by Kate Elizabeth Russell (2020), and the plot-driven tension will appeal to fans of psychological suspense.”—Booklist, starred review

THE LAST DROP OF HEMLOCK by Katharine Schellman

“The sequel to THE LAST CALL AT THE NIGHTINGALE is a riveting historical mystery set in New York City’s demimonde.”—Library Journal

SPEAK OF THE DEVIL by Rose Wilding

“Wilding’s powerful book compels readers to consider what they’d do after being deceived by a sociopathic liar, and how far they’d go for retribution . . . This captivating debut literary thriller entwines the searing stories of several women who suffered at the hands of the same man. This cautionary tale satisfies in its culmination of long-overdue justice for spurned women.”—Library Journal, starred review


“In this slow-burn thriller, Adelman explores themes of racism, infidelity, and abuse. When the truth is revealed, Alexis and Blair will be forced to make a difficult choice that will determine their future . . . This book will likely appeal to those who enjoy domestic suspense novels such as those by Megan Miranda, Chandler Baker, and Sally Hepworth.”—Booklist

DEAD MAN’S WAKE by Paul Doiron

“In Edgar Award–winning Doiron’s DEAD MAN’S WAKE, Maine Game Warden Investigator Mike Bowditch witnesses a hit-and-flee speedboat plowing into two swimmers and suspects murder when he learns that the victims were a badly slashed up man and his married love.”—Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

THE WOMAN INSIDE by M. T. Edvardsson; 9781250204622; available now
ALL THE SINNERS BLEED by S. A. Cosby; 9781250831910; available now
NIGHT WILL FIND YOU by Julia Heaberlin; 9781250877079; available now
THE GIRLS OF SUMMER by Katie Bishop; 9781250283917; available now
THE LAST DROP OF HEMLOCK by Katharine Schellman; 9781250831842; available now
SPEAK OF THE DEVIL by Rose Wilding; 9781250886934; available now
WHAT THE NEIGHBORS SAW by Melissa Adelman; 9781250876560; available now
DEAD MAN’S WAKE by Paul Doiron; 9781250864390; available now

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