January Fiction (1/24/23)

January was full of fabulous fiction, covering everything from an exploration of a remote village to the inner workings of a tech startup, and more. Check out some of what’s on sale now!

THE END OF DRUM-TIME by Hanna Pylväinen

2 starred reviews!

“Ambitious and resonant, a vivid, fascinating, and moving novel… Beautifully written and masterfully researched, the book’s greatest triumph is the characters, full of human foibles, passions, and tenderness, jealousy, courage, doubts, and moments of transcendence.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Pylväinen’s captivating latest (after WE SINNERS) follows the inhabitants of a tiny Swedish village in the Arctic Circle in 1852 as a pastor’s popularity begins to take off… With immersive details of Bible thumping and reindeer herding, the author evocatively captures two cultures and shows what happens when Christian mores collide with the customs of the remote Sami. This is transcendent.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review


2 starred reviews!

“Hemon’s unflinching, riveting, funny, worldly-wise, and soulful magnum opus wrestles with humanity’s shocking depravity and incandescent courage and love.”–Booklist, starred review

“With death the only escape from seemingly endless wars, a Bosnian refugee perseveres…Hemon pulls no punches in his most ambitious novel to date.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

DECENT PEOPLE by De’Shawn Charles Winslow

An Indie Next Pick!

“There is a trove of surprises along the way to the well-earned resolution, and Winslow entrances readers with strong characters, impeccable prose, and brisk pacing. As a character-driven mystery, it delivers the goods.”–Publishers Weekly


“A smart exposé of the tech boom imbued with a touch of weird fantastical elements… It’s impressive how much Riedel packs into this.”–Publishers Weekly

THE 12TH COMMANDMENT by Daniel Torday

“Situated in rural Ohio, a community whose members belong to the Dönme sect—descendants of Jews within the Ottoman Empire who converted to Islam—is upended when the son of their self-proclaimed prophet is murdered. Journalist Zeke Leger, whose college girlfriend prosecuted the case, is intrigued enough to take another look.”–Library Journal Pre Pub Alert

THE END OF DRUM-TIME by Hanna Pylväinen; 9781250822901; available now.
THE WORLD AND ALL THAT IT HOLDS by Aleksandar Hemon; 9780374287702; available now.
DECENT PEOPLE by De’Shawn Charles Winslow; 9781635575323; available now.
PLEASE REPORT YOUR BUG HERE by Josh Riedel; 9781250813794; available now.
THE 12TH COMMANDMENT by Daniel Torday; 9781250191816; available now.

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