New Edelweiss E-galleys (10/17/22)

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Hello e-galley readers! Check out some of the exciting e-galleys that were recently added to Edelweiss for your downloading pleasure:

HOW TRUST WORKS: The Science of How Relationships Are Built, Broken, and Repaired by Dr. Peter H. Kim, PhD
ISBN 9781250838155 | on sale 8/15/23

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When our trust is broken, and when our own trustworthiness is called into question, many of us are left wondering what to do. We barely know how trust works. How could we possibly repair it?

Dr. Peter H. Kim, the world’s leading expert in the rapidly growing field of trust repair, has conducted over two decades of groundbreaking research to answer that question. In HOW TRUST WORKS, he draws on this research and the work of other social scientists to reveal the surprising truths about how relationships are built, how they are broken, and how they are repaired. Dr. Kim’s work shows how we are often more trusting than we think and how easily our trust in others can be distorted. He illustrates these insights with accounts of some of the most striking and well-known trust violations that have occurred in modern times and unveils the crucial secrets behind when and why our attempts to repair trust are effective, and which breaches of confidence are just too deep.

HOW TRUST WORKS transforms our understanding of our deepest bonds, giving us the tools to build strong and supportive relationships on every level. With our families, coworkers, and friends. With the groups, organizations, and institutions that touch our lives. And even with societies and nations.

NIGHT’S EDGE by Liz Kerin
ISBN 9781250835673 | on sale 6/20/23

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“I’m always careful not to disturb mom. A rude awakening can definitely set her off, especially if she wakes up hungry. I can’t forget what she is. What she could do to me.”

Having a mom like Izzy meant Mia had to grow up fast. No extracurricular activities, no inviting friends over, and definitely no dating. The most important rule: tell no one of Izzy’s hunger—the one only blood can satisfy.

But Mia is tired of being her mother’s keeper. She’s in her twenties now and secretly longs for a life of her own. One where she doesn’t have to worry about anyone discovering their terrible secret, or breathing down her neck. When Mia meets rebellious musician Jade she dares to hope she’s found a way to leave her home—and her mom—behind.

It just might be Mia’s only chance of getting out alive.

ONE DUKE DOWN: A Rogues to Lovers Novel by Anna Bennett
ISBN 9781250793935 | on sale 1/24/23

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Miss Poppy Summers is determined to keep her family’s fishing business afloat. Her poor widowed father has fallen ill, and her foolhardy brother has moved to London, leaving her precious little time to pursue her own dreams. The very last thing Poppy needs to find tangled in her nets is a dangerously attractive man with a head wound—who claims he’s a duke.

Andrew Keane is the Duke of Hawking, but he’s having the devil of a time convincing his fiery-haired rescuer of that fact. The truth is, someone in Bellehaven Bay wants to kill him, and he intends to find out who—if he can persuade Poppy to help him. She’s wary of Keane’s scheme but can’t refuse the generous sum he offers in exchange for food and shelter while he recovers. It’s a business arrangement, she reasons… nothing more.

As Keane and Poppy work together to solve the puzzle of his attacker, unexpected feelings blossom between them. But Poppy’s past gives her every reason to mistrust someone like Keane, and when all the facts come to light, she must decide where her loyalties lie. Torn between the world she’s always known and the one she’s always dreamed of, she’ll need to trust Keane for a chance at her fairytale ending.

ISBN 9781250624208 | on sale 1/17/23

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Hailey Sharp has a one-track mind. Get By the Cup salad shop off the ground. Do literally everything possible to make it a success. Repeat. With a head full of entrepreneurial ideas and a bad ex in her rearview, her one and only focus is living life the way she wants to. No distractions.

Wes Jansen never did understand the fuss about relationships. With a string of lackluster first dates and the pain from his parents’ angry divorce following him around, he’d much rather find someone who he likes, but won’t love. Companionship, not passion, is the name of the game.

When Hailey and Wes find each other in a disastrous meet cute that wasn’t even intended for them, they embarrassingly go their separate ways. But when Wes finds Hailey to apologize for his behavior, they strike a friendship. Because that’s all this can be. Hailey doesn’t want any distractions. Wes doesn’t want to fall in love.

What could possibly go wrong?

THE EXHIBITIONIST by Charlotte Mendelson
ISBN 9781250286932 | on sale 7/4/23

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Meet the Hanrahan family, gathering for a momentous weekend as famous artist and notorious egoist Ray Hanrahan prepares for a new exhibition of his art—the first in many decades—and one he is sure will burnish his reputation for good. His three children will be there: eldest daughter Leah, always her father’s biggest champion; son Patrick, who has finally decided to strike out on his own; and daughter Jess, the youngest, who has her own momentous decision to make. And what of Lucia, Ray’s steadfast and selfless wife? She is an artist, too, but has always had to put her roles as wife and mother first. What will happen if she decides to change? For Lucia is hiding secrets of her own, and as the weekend unfolds and the exhibition approaches, she must finally make a choice about which desires to follow.

THE EXHIBITIONIST is the latest, extraordinary novel from Charlotte Mendelson, a dazzling exploration of art, sacrifice, toxic family politics, queer desire, and personal freedom.

ISBN 9781250283917 | on sale 6/6/23

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“That place has been my whole life. Everything I thought I knew about myself was constructed in those few months I spent within touching distance of the sea. Everything I am is because Alistair loved me.”

Rachel has been in love with Alistair for fifteen years. Even though she’s now married to someone else. Even though she was a teenager when they met. Even though he is twenty years older than her.

Rachel and Alistair’s summer love affair on a remote, sun-soaked Greek island has consumed her since she was seventeen, obliterating everything in its wake. Now in her thirties, Rachel becomes increasingly obsessed with reliving the events of that long-ago summer, and in the process, she reconnects with the other girls she knew on the island. Girls like her, who came for an adventure and got so much more than they’d bargained for.

But dark and deeply suppressed secrets about Alistair rise to the surface, Rachel is forced to reconsider the story she’s been telling herself about their relationship, and about her time working at the bar owned by Alistair’s business partner, an enigmatic and wealthy man, who controlled so much more than she could have ever realized.

Joining a post #MeToo discourse, THE GIRLS OF SUMMER is a riveting exploration of memory and trauma, what it takes to reframe, and reclaim, your own story, and the lies we tell in the name of love.

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