I’M THE GIRL by Courtney Summers
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Ages 13-18

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When sixteen-year-old Georgia discovers the body of thirteen-year-old Ashley, she teams up with Ashley’s older sister, Nora, to try to find answers. Already we have the makings of a gripping mystery, but I’M THE GIRL is so much more than that. Between the pages of the mystery is a heartbreaking story of a young woman losing her innocence and the power structures that steal so much from her. 

At sixteen, Georgia wants to grow up. She wants to be a model, to be recognized for the beauty she knows she holds. To be wanted, desired, loved. So when Georgia and Nora’s investigation leads them to Aspera—the local resort patronized by the town’s wealthiest and most elite—Georgia sees it as an opportunity to finally break into the world she’s always been on the outskirts of. To become an “Aspera Girl,” one of the beautiful young women who cater to the resort’s members. But what she finds behind the doors of Aspera is a dark world of unchecked privilege and power. A world that threatens to take everything Georgia has to give, and then some. 

In true Courtney Summers fashion, I’M THE GIRL is a gut-punch of a read. Despite the devastating subject matter, Summers’ beautifully thoughtful writing kept me turning page after page. And the tender romance between Nora and Georgia offered a sense of hope that I think we all need when reading a book like this. I’d recommend this daring and captivating book to anyone who wants to feel empowered to change the world, as well as readers who enjoyed GROWN by Tiffany D. Jackson, THE FIREKEEPER’S DAUGHTER by Angeline Boulley, and, of course, SADIE by the one and only Courtney Summers. It’s truly phenomenal.

“A bold, unflinching, and utterly enthralling novel.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“A powerful and important story recommended for all library collections.”
School Library Journal, starred review

“Summers expertly weaves together drama, mystery, and romance via George’s guileless narration for an intense look into one girl’s wish to be seen as mature, and the powers that manipulate her, in this powerful, ultimately hopeful performance.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

Happy reading!
<3 Emily

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