Author Spotlight: Sloane Crosley (6/1/22)

Sloane Crosley is well-known for her essay collections full of funny, insightful reflections on life and human nature.

In CULT CLASSIC, we follow the soon-to-be-married main character as she walks the streets of NYC and finds herself face-to-face with each of her ex-boyfriends—leaving her to reconsider her current relationship while contending with the ghosts of her past.


3 starred reviews and an Indie Next pick!

“Novelist and essayist Crosley (THE CLASP, 2015; LOOK ALIVE OUT THERE, 2018) casts a spell with lightning wit, devilish dialogue, and walloping truths about how little reason there is to anything resembling love.”–Booklist, starred review

“The accounts of Lola’s reckoning with her romantic history are thoroughly hilarious (describing the rush of boyfriends past, she narrates, ‘I experienced these men as no one is supposed to experience them, as if being propelled from a T-shirt gun’), and the details of online dating, which made her ‘the victim of a metric ton of rejection,’ are also sharply perceptive.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“The story is plenty engaging, but it’s Crosley’s analytical acumen and gift for the striking metaphor that really gives the book life. Thoughtfully and humanely acerbic.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

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3 starred reviews!

“Laugh-out-loud funny seems too trite a phrase for a writer whose takes are so addictively original and unexpected, but it’s also true: dear readers, you will laugh. Whether 2 or 20 pages in length, Crosley’s essays are complete and stop-you-in-your-tracks clever…”–Booklist, starred review

“Crosley is exceedingly clever and has a witticism for all occasions, but it is her willingness to confront some of life’s darker corners with honesty and vulnerability that elevates this collection.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“The latest collection from the Manhattan-based essayist suggests she can write engagingly about nearly anything… All [the essays] work on multiple levels and all are sharply written, as Crosley continues to extend her impressive range.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review


“This debut novel from a bestselling essayist follows a circle of friends on a quest to find a priceless necklace and regain an even rarer treasure: a genuine connection… Crosley’s smart, sardonic, sometimes-zany, yet also sensitive story is told from the alternating perspectives of these three linked characters… A real gem.”–Kirkus Reviews

CULT CLASSIC by Sloane Crosley; 9780374603397; 6/7/22.
LOOK ALIVE OUT THERE by Sloane Crosley; 9781250310415; available now.
THE CLASP by Sloane Crosley; 9781250097217; available now.

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