Thriller Thursday (6/18/20)

When a knock on the door changes everything, one seemingly perfect family is now filled with lies, secrets, and a search for the truth. Check it out in this thriller Thursday.

THE HALF SISTER by Sandie Jones

“Following THE OTHER WOMAN, a New York Times best seller and Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine Book Club pick, Jones purveys a plotline that’s rife this year: hug-close sisters Kate and Lauren are enjoying their weekly lunch when a stranger named Jess arrives, claiming to be their half-sister. The difference: they’re not into embracing her (this is a thriller, after all), instead swiftly uncovering secrets and avenging the ruin of their illusions.”–Library Journal Pre Pub Alert

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“Jones, who showed her skill at ramping up suspense in her debut, THE OTHER WOMAN (2018), surprises everyone with the revelations in her powerful climactic close, which presents Alice with a fateful choice. A provocative view of trust, placed and misplaced.”–Booklist


“Pammie is every young woman’s worst nightmare: a mean mother-in-law (on steroids) in this addictive debut thriller. Readers’ pulses will race as they anticipate how she might strike next and be completely knocked off balance by the shocking ending.”–Library Journal, starred review

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