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9781250908704 (TP) | 9781250908681 (HC)
Wednesday Books
Ages 13-18

E-galley available on Edelweiss and NetGalley

Marlowe Meadows has never been cool. In fact, she’s always been the girl who’s weirdly obsessed with all things math. But when popular boy Josh asks her out, she suddenly becomes part of the in-crowd. This is short-lived, however, because Josh soon realizes she’s not the romantic girlfriend he was hoping for and dumps her. Marlowe is shocked that their perfectly-planned relationship could’ve gone so wrong, and she’s determined to win Josh back. The key to her plan appears to be Ashton Hayes, the emo rocker boy in her English class. When the two are paired up for a class project, Marlowe thinks she couldn’t be more different from the boy who dresses in all black, wears eyeliner, and plays in a band. But Ash has a secret collection of love songs he’s written, and Marlowe soon sees that he’s the perfect person to teach her how to be the romantic girlfriend Josh wants. So, she strikes a deal. If Ash will help her write a few love letters to Josh, she’ll devise the perfect algorithm to make Ash’s band go viral.

But as her romantic research with Ash becomes more and more real, she realizes she’s thinking less about Josh and more about the boy right in front of her. Ash surprises her with his thoughtfulness and heart of gold–and this is a variable she hadn’t accounted for. Their late night hangouts and “dates” (that were supposed to be strictly for learning purposes) start becoming more meaningful for the both of them. Marlowe always thought she knew exactly what she wanted, but now she’s not so sure. For the first time, she can’t use math and logic to solve a problem, and maybe she’s actually ok with that…

With a neurodivergent main character, adorable romance bookstore scenes that will make any avid reader happy, and best friends who support each other along the way, this book has it all! I particularly enjoyed the journey this unlikely pair made from acquaintances to friends to more-than-friends, after thinking they would never have anything in common. I also enjoyed Marlowe’s growth from being strictly analytical and logical to becoming more comfortable with the uncertainties of life and emotional matters of the heart. Not only does her view of romance evolve, but her relationships with everyone in her life change for the better, and this is wonderful to see. THE CALCULATION OF YOU AND ME is perfect for fans of Kaylor’s previous book, LONG STORY SHORT, as well as Mazey Eddings, Amanda Quain, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Happy reading!
<3 Michelle

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