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A fragile enchantment

Wednesday Books
Ages 13-18

E-galley available on Edelweiss and NetGalley

Niamh is a magical dressmaker, stitching her garments with wonderful enchantments and beautiful designs. When she is commissioned by a royal family to create the outfits for a highly-anticipated wedding, she jumps at this once-in-a-lifetime chance; and the chance to secure a better and more comfortable future for her mother and grandmother. As Niamh arrives at the luxurious castle, she is struck by the differences between her poverty-ridden town and the extravagance that coats every surface in this new place. But there is more to this fairytale land than meets the eye. Niamh learns that this wedding is not a binding of love, but a political maneuver between two kingdoms. As Niamh works with the groom on his wardrobe for his big day, the two grow closer and closer, finding themselves trapped with a sparking attraction. And it’s not just them that feels the tension, but also Lovelace, the Avaland gossip columnist writing all about the secrets of royalty, political unrest, and of course the flirtation between Niamh and the prince. As Niamh falls deeper into the royal family and all of their secrets, the stakes grow higher, especially when Lovelace wants Niamh to share what really goes on with the high society of Avaland. 

A FRAGILE ENCHANTMENT is set in a lush and immersive Regency-era England-inspired fantasy world full of candlelit ballrooms, feasts made for royalty, blooming gardens, and secret love affairs. With themes of class, privilege, and power, Allison Saft creates an enchanting and transporting magical setting, while also touching on chronic illness, mental health, and a very tense political atmosphere. And with a gossip columnist and slow-burn romance that rivals Bridgerton, this is a romantasy not to miss. Niamh and Kit have the perfect grumpy/sunshine royal romance with their undeniable chemistry, longing, and witty banter. Fans of Adrienne Young, THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS, and Bridgerton will find themselves devouring this one. 

Happy reading!
<3 Samantha

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