Author Spotlight: B.A. Paris (7/20/21)

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LibraryReads Hall of Famer, award-winning author, and master of psychological thrillers B.A. Paris returns with the story of an ill-fated housewarming party and a thrilling exploration of finding out who you can and cannot trust.

Alice and Leo move to a new neighborhood only to discover that their house and their neighbors hold some deadly secrets.


A LibraryReads Hall of Fame pick and an Indie Next pick!

“Having just moved to London with her partner, a woman seeks to discover the truth behind the murder/suicide of her home’s previous occupants…This enthralling book is a mystery, a thriller, and an exploration of how trust—or the lack of it—can color relationships.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

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A LibraryReads pick!

“Paris constructs an unusual and compelling premise and masterfully maintains suspense about what happened and when it will be revealed. A breathtaking story, nearly impossible to put down.”–Booklist, starred review


Two starred reviews, an Indie Next pick, and a LibraryReads pick!

“Paris plays fair with the reader as she builds to a satisfying resolution. Fans of intelligent psychological suspense will be richly rewarded.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Paris (BEHIND CLOSED DOORSTHE BREAKDOWN) once again proves her suspense chops with this can’t-put-down psychological thriller.”–Library Journal, starred review


3 starred reviews and an Indie Next pick!

“This psychological thriller is even harder to put down than Paris’ 2016 best-seller debut BEHIND CLOSED DOORS; schedule reading time accordingly.”–Booklist, starred review

“With its well-formed protagonists, snappy, authentic dialog, and clever and twisty plot, this is one not to miss.”–Library Journal, starred review

“Tension quickly builds to a crescendo as Cass’s fears about her mental state—and those mysterious phone calls that may be from the killer—become palpable.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review


2 starred reviewsLibraryReads pick, and an Indie Next pick!

“Debut-novelist Paris adroitly toggles between the recent past and the present in building the suspense of Grace’s increasingly unbearable situation, as time becomes critical and her possible solutions narrow. This is one readers won’t be able to put down.”–Booklist, starred review

“In the same vein as GONE GIRL or GIRL ON THE TRAIN, this is a can’t-put-down psychological thriller.”–Library Journal, starred review

THE THERAPIST by B.A. Paris; 9781250274120; available now.
THE DILEMMA by B.A. Paris; 9781250151377; available now.
BRING ME BACK by B.A. Paris; 9781250151346; available now.
THE BREAKDOWN by B.A. Paris; 9781250122476; available now.
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS by B.A. Paris; 9781250122155; available now.

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