May 2018 All-Stars

Sooooo many stars! Have you ordered these forthcoming books for your library yet? (If not, what are you waiting for?!)

Also available in audio
“[An] outstanding Hitchcockian thriller… Paris plays fair with the reader as she builds to a satisfying resolution. Fans of intelligent psychological suspense will be richly rewarded.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Paris (BEHIND CLOSED DOORS; THE BREAKDOWN) once again proves her suspense chops with this can’t-put-down psychological thriller.” — Library Journal, starred review

THE MIDDLEMAN by Olen Steinhauer
Also available in audio
“Steinhauer has written an unnerving and timely thriller with incredible pivots. From a perspective on activist/terrorist civilian organizations to an examination of Big Brother conspiracy plots, there’s something here for everyone to grip—with white knuckles.” — Library Journal, starred review

“Steinhauer is a master at layering gray upon gray, motive upon motive…. Another must-read from a modern master.” — Booklist, starred review

CITY OF DEVILS: The Two Men Who Ruled the Underworld of Old Shanghai by Paul French
“Drugs, gambling, vice, and banditry power China’s seaport mecca in this rollicking true crime saga. French’s two-fisted prose—‘When Boobee hops on a bar stool, lights an opium-tipped cigarette, and crosses her long legs, the sound of a dozen tensed-up male necks swinging round is like… a gunshot’—makes this deep noir history unforgettable.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Fast-paced, plot-twisty… In addition to this suspenseful yarn, the author paints a striking portrait of a Shanghai on the eve of Japanese occupation…. A Casablanca without heroes and just the thing for those who like their crime stories the darkest shade of noir.” — Kirkus Reviews, starred review

THE SHEPHERD’S HUT by Tim Winton — 3 stars!
“The latest from Winton is a mournful and fast-paced journey into the life of a young man on his own. Gorgeously written and taut with eloquent, edgy suspense, Jaxie’s journey is a portrait of young manhood amidst extreme conditions, both inward and outward.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Winton thrusts the reader into the barren and unforgiving salt land in western Australia. With the author’s intimate knowledge of the harsh landscape, it serves as the catalyst for action. Jaxie’s distinctive, gritty language renders his story visceral, and an absolute thrill to read.” — Booklist, starred review

“Winton turns once again to the dark side of the Antipodean dream… [THE SHEPHERD’S HUT] is worthy of a Peckinpah film—and splendidly written…” — Kirkus Reviews, starred review

STARLESS by Jacqueline Carey — 3 stars!
“May well be the epic fantasy of the year… Carey is at the peak of her luminous storytelling powers in a tale that will appeal to readers of Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss, while its thought-provoking look at gender, love, and sexual preference bring to mind Ursula K. LeGuin’s THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS.” Booklist, starred review

“This rich, evocative fantasy epic from Carey is a poignant tale of grand adventure. Carey handles themes of duty, love, and identity with tenderness and fortitude, never pigeonholing her protagonists, and the tapestry of her characters elevates this novel above its peers.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Carey’s evocative prose and skillful worldbuilding establishes a lushly detailed setting populated by memorable, well-drawn characters in a story that is deliberate and immersive. Exquisite action sequences will delight the many fans of her ‘Kushiel’s Legacy” series.’” — Library Journal, starred review


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