Thriller Thursday (3/4/21)

This chilling thrilling Thursday features a mysterious abandoned village, a fiancé with a dark secret, painful memories unearthed after a family reunion, a missile attack in New York, and a poetic serial killer.

THE LOST VILLAGE by Camilla Sten

A LibraryReads pick!

“Sten’s novel, already a hit across Europe, is a horror-suspense hybrid, told through a dual timeline with short chapters that keep the pacing brisk and make the novel very hard to put down. The killer setup is more than a gimmick; it is a puzzle that delivers maximum dread with clues revealed with remarkable restraint, and as the situation goes from bad to worse to terrifying, readers will revel in the chills.”–Booklist

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE by Carola Lovering

2 starred reviews!

“When Burke’s marriage therapist advises him to write a journal to get to know himself better, Burke sets to the task eagerly, describing his dwindling feelings for his wife, Heather, and his passion for his new partner, Skye…Lovering (TELL ME LIES, 2018) will leave readers thinking about what they would accept for love and how the most perfect of lives may be a façade. A must for book clubs.”–Booklist, starred review

“The second novel from Lovering more than lives up to the promise of her debut, TELL ME LIES (2018)…A nifty cat-and-mouse thriller that doesn’t stint when it comes to twists, turns, and ‘gotcha!’ surprises.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

THE HOUSE UPTOWN by Melissa Ginsburg

“Humid, unfaltering New Orleans takes its place as a character in Ginsburg’s second novel, and the voice of teenage Ava also stands out, as she grows from scared newcomer to a teen who is still scared but who uses love and grit to make strides that will have readers cheering. Give this to fans of women’s fiction and of David Lennon’s Michel Doucette and Sassy Jones mysteries.”–Booklist

DEEP STRIKE by Rick Campbell

It’s a race against time when the U.S. Atlantic Fleet rushes to stop a rogue submarine from launching a nuclear attack on the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S.

THE POET by Lisa Renee Jones

A fresh, modern take on the thriller genre with a serial killer, poems left with the victims, and one detective who holds the key to everything.

THE LOST VILLAGE by Camilla Sten; 9781250249258; available 3/23/21.
TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE by Carola Lovering; 9781250271372; available now.
THE HOUSE UPTOWN by Melissa Ginsburg; 9781250784186; available 3/16/21.
DEEP STRIKE by Rick Campbell; 9781250164773; available 3/16/21.
THE POET by Lisa Renee Jones; 9781682815175; available 3/9/21.

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