Mac Lib From Home Round-Up (3/4/21)

Welcome to Mac Lib From Home, our fun-sized buzz series from our homes to yours!

Ashley C. Ford shares a poignant coming-of-age memoir of growing up a poor Black girl and battling her body and her environment in SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER.

Watch Talia’s full video here.

An MFA professor receives international acclaim—followed by mysterious threatening messages—after stealing a dead student’s manuscript idea in
Jean Hanff Korelitz’s THE PLOT.

Watch Amanda’s full video here.

Fifteen acclaimed YA writers put their modern spin on William Shakespeare’s classics in Dahlia Adler’s THAT WAY MADNESS LIES.

Watch Emily’s full video here.

Friends and strangers collide and are forever changed in Edward St. Aubyn’s masterful new novel DOUBLE BLIND.

Watch Samantha’s full video here.

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