Author Spotlight: John Hart (2/4/21)

John Hart, New York Times bestselling author and Edgar Award winner, is known for his raw crime fiction that explores families and relationships.

John Hart takes his next adventure to the South at the height of the Vietnam War for even more crime and suspense.


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“We know there’s always at least two years between John Hart’s novels (HUSH, 2018), so you’d think we’d have the sense to pace ourselves a little when we open a new one. But no. As little as 10 pages into THE UNWILLING, we’re galloping forward in the same headlong way we always have…Another scorcher from Hart, whose first six novels all were New York Times bestsellers. He’s been rolling sevens from the start, so it’s no surprise that his seventh book comes up a winner, too.”–Booklist, starred review

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“Hart makes it six for six here, and behind this uncanny string of success is a rare ability to combine the most propulsive of popular fiction with beguilingly rich characters…The track record is enough on its own, but this time the idea of a sequel to a popular previous novel will have Hart’s fans squirming in anticipation.”–Booklist, starred review


2 starred reviews, a LibraryReads pick, and an Indie Next pick.

“In this stellar crime thriller, Edgar-winner Hart (IRON HOUSE) explores the human capacity for resilience and trust in the face of heartbreaking betrayal…Though Hart employs plot twists effectively, it’s his powerful, wounded but courageous lead whom readers will remember.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Returning to small-town North Carolina, Hart unwinds another complex plot, rich in backstory but driven by a propulsive main narrative in which troubled cop Elizabeth Black (Hart’s first female protagonist) deals with a closetful of demons as she tries to track a serial killer who stages grisly murders in an abandoned church where her estranged father once ministered to his devoted flock.”–Booklist, starred review


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“Hart deftly interweaves a complex family history story with Stevan’s intense, bloody quest for vengeance.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review


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An intricate and powerful story of loss, hope, and courage about thirteen-year-old twins with an irreplaceable bond.


3 starred reviews!

“This book should settle once and for all the question of whether thrillers and mysteries can also be literature.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

DOWN RIVER is a beautifully constructed story of personal redemption, family secrets, and murder–a small-town epic…. A truly splendid novel with a deep emotional core.”–Booklist, starred review

“Hart’s sophomore effort surpasses his debut… this work is reminiscent of Raymond Chandler’s novels…The writing is simply superb.”–Library Journal, starred review


“Few readers will be able to resist devouring this tour-de-force in one or two sittings—or clamoring for more John Hart.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

THE UNWILLING by John Hart; 9781250167729; available now.
THE HUSH by John Hart; 9781250012289; available now.
REDEMPTION ROAD by John Hart; 9781250132116; available now.
IRON HOUSE by John Hart; 9780312380359; available now.
THE LAST CHILD by John Hart; 9780312380335; available now.
DOWN RIVER by John Hart; 9780312677381; available now.
THE KING OF LIES by John Hart; 9780312677374; available now.

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