The Debut Review (1/20/21)

This Debut Review features four unique and captivating titles from new voices, including a page-turning psychological suspense, a thriller with a spooky twist, a delightful story filled with a web of lies and wedding gowns, and a breathtaking family novel. All are available for download on Edelweiss now!

EVERY LAST FEAR by Alex Finlay | 9781250268822 | 3/2/21

One of the most anticipated books of 2021, EVERY LAST FEAR is pure page-turning entertainment with layers of mystery and intrigue. Harlan Coben fans and true crime buffs will love this fast-moving, character-driven story about a family found dead. Matt was informed that his parents, brother, and sister were killed from an apparent gas leak while on vacation. Years prior, Matt’s other brother was convicted of murdering his teenage girlfriend, and the story went viral as a true-crime documentary. Now the two tragedies begin to converge. With alternating timelines and points of view, EVERY LAST FEAR is filled with twist after twist and truths that can’t be buried any longer.

THE LOST VILLAGE by Camilla Sten | 9781250249258 | 3/23/21

In this pulse-pounding U.S. debut, Camilla Sten gifts us an engaging thriller from beginning to end. THE LOST VILLAGE is a chilling suspense with a dash of horror, beginning in 1959 when the occupants of a village vanish. Now, in the present day, a documentary crew obsessed with the missing residents goes to the village to find answers. Strange things start to happen as they poke around… and there is no turning back. With flashbacks to the village before the mass disappearance, readers follow along as the clock ticks closer to the fateful day. This atmospheric standalone with a spooky premise is perfect for fans of THE WHISPER MAN and LITTLE SECRETS.

THE LITTLE FRENCH BRIDAL SHOP by Jennifer Dupee | 9781250271525 | 3/9/21

In this heartfelt debut, 30-something Larissa Pearl returns to her small-town Massachusetts home to prepare her great aunt’s house for sale after her death. Fresh from losing her job and a breakup, it seems to be the perfect distraction for Larissa. That is until Larissa gets trapped in her own web of lies. When Larissa passes by a little French bridal shop and a beautiful gown catches her eye, she stops in. She’s never dreamt of her wedding day, but when her eighth-grade teacher/shop manager presumes Larissa is a bride-to-be, Larissa says yes to the dress, but has no groom anywhere in sight.

THE NORTHERN REACH by W.S. Winslow | 9781250776488 | 3/2/21

This heart-wrenching debut is a refreshing take on the complexity of family and the power of place. Spanning from 1904 to 1917, W.S. Winslow allows readers to peer through the windows of lives in this idyllic setting of small-town coastal Maine. With vivid descriptions of people and place, the characters come into the story during the important moments in their lives. It’s about four families that intersect, interact, and intermarry with secrets between them that don’t stay hidden. For readers who love the family drama from the Gilead saga and COMMONWEALTH, this is a heart-wrenching story that emphasizes the importance of the people and experiences that shape us.

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