Happy #PubDay + Women 2020 (1/7/20)

For today’s #PubDay party, we continue our spotlight on all things female with two women writing very different fiction–dive into a celebration of sisterhood and the strength that women shared on a grueling journey + a new series about loss and taking charge in this modern day.

WESTERING WOMEN by Sandra Dallas

“Dallas (THE BRIDE’S HOUSE) has written an engaging historical fiction about the strength of women in times of adversity. Though the women were all intended to be brides, we see each as much more than her connection to a man—a unique perspective in the 1850s. Purchase where women’s and historical fiction is popular.”–Library Journal

BUTTERFLY by Ashley Antoinette

“Urban-fiction superstar Antoinette (LUXE, 2015) starts Morgan’s story at a leisurely pace; the novel is the first in a series, so Antoinette is able to dive deep into Morgan’s internal conflict…Antoinette’s smooth writing and strong characterizations will bring her fans back for the sequel.”–Booklist

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