Happy #BookBday (5/31/16 Edition)

Happy #BookBday to three new books tinged with sci-fi & fantasy:

THE GEEK FEMINIST REVOLUTION by Kameron Hurley (also available in trade paperback)
A powerful collection of essays on feminism, geek culture, and a writer’s journey, from one of the most important new voices in genre. “Hurley is certainly not the first to point out the deep misogyny in 21st-century popular culture, but she articulates the problems in an incisive, opinionated, and demanding blend of analysis and personal storytelling that will inspire her readers and peers in the science fiction community to work toward change.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

One of Buzzfeed’s 19 Incredible New Spring Books! “The short stories in this darkly absorbing collection remind us of the hope and humanity, the warmth, joy, and love that can be found in even the bleakest circumstances. Phillips proves yet again that she is an intuitive, emotionally resonant writer who is willing to consider some of life’s biggest questions and offer, yes, a few possible solutions.” — Kirkus Reviews, starred review

In the second book of the Children Trilogy, the immortal Zaifyr is intent on using his trial to begin a new war, a motive that many fear is an echo of the dangerous man he once was. Meanwhile, Ayae, a young girl cursed with the gift of fire, sees a chance to learn more of her powers in the floating city of Yeflam.

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