GFA Spotlight: MICKY7

Sci-Fi fans, get ready for a mind-bending, thought-provoking, comedic space adventure in Edward Ashton’s MICKEY7. “Ashton crafts a unique hero in amateur historian Mickey Barnes, the breezy narrator of this far-flung, far-future adventure… Sci-fi readers will be drawn in by the inventive premise and stick around for the plucky narrator.”–Publishers Weekly THE MARTIAN meets DARK […]

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Title Spotlight: L.A. WEATHER (9/23/21)

Today’s forecast is partly funny, partly heartbreaking, with a high chance of complexity in the story of the Alvarado family in María Amparo Escandón’s L.A. WEATHER. Oscar Alvarado does nothing but fret about L.A.’s current drought even as he dwells on a longstanding secret, and Keila, his wife of 40 years, has finally had it; […]

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