Community Stories (4/20/21)

Today we are diving into books about the power of community with a portrait of love, magic, and people coming together across islands + a story about an attempt to make a home amidst the Las Vegas lights.

POPISHO by Leone Ross

3 starred reviews!

“Citizens of an island nation learn the ways that magic both blesses and curses their lives…A novel that suffuses the senses.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Emulating the best practitioners of magical realism, Ross takes us beyond normal experience and convinces us of the otherworldly cooking powers of Xavier, the healing energy of Anise, and the lie-detecting abilities of Zaza.”–Booklist, starred review

“Xavier might be the main course of this tale, but there are many components here, including the role and power of women, broken government, poverty, prejudice, and judgment, all richly blended in an unforgettable work of magical realism by Ross.”–Library Journal, starred review

PARADISE, NEVADA by Dario Diofebi

“A great American novel set in the city of busted dreams. If you’re seeking a setting for a big, bold, searching American novel, you could do a lot worse than Las Vegas. This sprawling, delightful debut book captures the artificial worlds within worlds in the casinos, the unnavigable streets just outside the strip, the big dreams, and the bad beats.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

POPISHO by Leone Ross; 9780374602451; available now.
PARADISE, NEVADA by Dario Diofebi; 9781635576207; available now.

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