The Debut Review (12/15/20)

We are looking forward to 2021 and the introduction of some exciting new voices! In this Debut Review, we’re rounding up a few of the March and April debuts that are available for download on Edelweiss now, including a stunning own voices novel taking place in Cuba and Miami, a story about storytelling and the deaf community, a literary mystery, and a romance that will take you across the world.

OF WOMEN AND SALT by Gabriela Garcia | 9781250776686 | 3/30/21

This stunning #OwnVoices debut is a mother-daughter story beginning in a 19th-century cigar factory and continuing on to present-day Miami. Jeannette is battling addiction, and her mother Carmen is a Cuban immigrant starting to feel unsettled in Miami. This sweeping story is both a personal and political meditation on the choices that mothers make and the legacy that memories carry. Raw and honest, OF WOMEN AND SALT is a debut that will not only sweep readers off their feet but give them a whole new way to listen to and tell stories.

AQUARIUM by Yaara Shehori | 9780374105921 | 4/13/21

A book all about storytelling, AQUARIUM follows two sisters, both deaf, and raised in cultlike seclusion by their also deaf parents. The fascinating sisters, Lili and Dori, live in a world that they have created together. Lili is the fact keeper and Dori is the reader. But everything changes when their isolation comes to an end. This beautiful and surprising debut is a story for story lovers.

THE SCAPEGOAT by Sara Davis | 9780374181451 | 3/2/21

Testing the boundaries between reality and delusion, intimacy and solitude, revenge and justice, THE SCAPEGOAT is a literary mystery debut about a man investigating his father’s death. Eerie, suspenseful, and surprisingly playful, THE SCAPEGOAT is a brilliant story that will challenge everything you read.

MAGGIE FINDS HER MUSE by Dee Ernst | 9781250768339 | 4/20/21

When a bestselling author travels to Paris to overcome writer’s block (sign me up!), she finds not just the story she was looking for, but a little romance along the way. This is the ultimate feel-good story about love, independence, confidence, and inspiration set in a marvelous Paris apartment with the picturesque city as a backdrop. Dive in for a delightful debut with a handsome Frenchman and the vacation of our dreams.

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