Book Buzz From Home: Nonfiction

Hello friends!

I am writing to you today about an amazing new opportunity…


And it’s from inside OUR HOMES. [Cue music from the movie Jaws.]

Can you even imagine the technology required to produce such a thing?

All kidding aside, we miss your faces! And we’ll assume that you miss ours.

So here are our giant floating heads telling you all about new books.


Where we are in the world:

Samantha Slavin (Library Marketing Assistant) has decamped for the country. Since her wifi is spotty, she films in the kitchen. (If we’re lucky, we’ll catch a glimpse of her parents, or Austin, her adorable blind, and deaf dog.)

Emily Day (Library Marketing Coordinator + YA Specialist) is reporting to you from her home office in Brooklyn, aka her bedroom. Emily lives near Prospect Park, has 2 roommates, and an “awesome” view of the Statue of Liberty. On a dare, she once filmed from her apartment building’s roof! #daredevil

Amanda Rountree (Assistant Digital Media Manager, Library Marketing) films upstairs in a room overlooking her front yard. In addition to knowing exactly when the mail is delivered, Amanda waves hello to every dog on her block. #TELLYOURDOGISAYHI

Talia Sherer aka the boss, refuses to be on camera. “I’m responsible for advancing the slides. It’s a very important task!” But when she does have to be on camera, she begs her husband to play the role of Talia. “He’s very good at being me!”

Nonfiction titles included in this presentation:

STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW: An Incomplete Compendium of Mostly Interesting Things by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, ISBN 9781250268501, on sale 9/29/20
NO TIME LIKE THE FUTURE: An Optimist Considers Mortality by Michael J. Fox, ISBN 9781250265616, on sale 11/17/20
THE BOOK COLLECTORS: A Band of Syrian Rebels and the Stories That Carried Them Through a War by Delphine Minoui, ISBN 9780374115166, on sale 10/20/20
DARK ARCHIVES: A Librarian’s Investigation into the Science and History of Books Bound in Human Skin by Megan Rosenbloom, ISBN 9780374134709, on sale 10/20/20
NAZI WIVES: The Women at the Top of Hitler’s Germany by James Wyllie, ISBN 9781250271563, on sale 11/3/20
OLIVE THE LIONHEART: Lost Love, Imperial Spies, and One Woman’s Journey to the Heart of Africa by Brad Ricca, ISBN 9781250207012, on sale 8/11/20
WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD by Jake Halpern & Michael Sloan, ISBN 9781250305596, on sale 9/8/20
FELINE PHILOSOPHY: Cats and the Meaning of Life by John Gray, ISBN 9780374154110, on sale 11/17/20
A CAT’S TALE: A Journey Through Feline History by Dr. Paul Koundounaris, ISBN 9781250217721, on sale 11/10/20
MILL TOWN: Reckoning with What Remains by Kerri Arsenault, ISBN 9781250155931, on sale 9/1/20

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