Women 2020: So You Want to Change the World? (4/20/20)

Today’s Women 2020 spotlight is all about how women’s empowerment could change the world for the better.

This examination of women’s economic empowerment comes from a leading mind in entrepreneurship, global businesses, and programming to present an entirely new conceptual schema for women’s rights based on economic liberty.

THE DOUBLE X ECONOMY: The Epic Potential of Women’s Empowerment by Linda Scott

“In this remarkably comprehensive debut, University of Oxford business professor emeritus Scott argues that ‘barriers to women’s economic inclusion’ have created ‘a shadow economy unique to females’ and that removing these obstacles will ‘put a stop to some of the world’s costliest evils, while building prosperity for everyone.’ Among other barriers faced by women, Scott lists toxic environments at American universities and restrictions on freedom of movement for married women in Bangladesh…Scott delivers a persuasive call to action enriched by hard data and personal experience. Feminists, economists, and policy makers should consider this impressive and impassioned account required reading.”–Publishers Weekly

Download THE DOUBLE X ECONOMY on Edelweiss here.

THE DOUBLE X ECONOMY: The Epic Potential of Women’s Empowerment by Linda Scott; 9780374142629; available 7/21/20.

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