Nonfiction Round-Up (9/18/19)

A fresh look on climate change, a poet’s take on illness in contemporary America, an illustrated guide to American history, and the memoir of America’s most famous whistleblower… welcome to this week’s nonfiction round-up!

PERMANENT RECORD by Edward Snowden

“Snowden’s many admirers will find his saga both captivating and inspiring.”–Publishers Weekly

WE ARE THE WEATHER: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast by Jonathan Safran Foer

“In his desire to convince others to take action, Foer raises the philosophical bar, which is, perhaps, the most effective way of fomenting sincere and long-lasting commitment to this life-threatening crisis.”–Booklist

THE UNDYING: Pain, vulnerability, mortality, medicine, art, time, dreams, data, exhaustion, cancer, and care by Anne Boyer

Three starred reviews!

“Boyer’s gorgeous language elevates this artful, piercing narrative well above the average medical memoir.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Call it a battle cry, call it a fury-fueled elegy, call it the work of a woman who will not be denied. In every way, THE UNDYING should not be missed.”–Booklist, starred review

“Told with brutal clarity, this is a haunting testimony about death that is filled with life.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review


Learn and understand the speeches, laws, proclamations, court decisions, and essays that have shaped America to what it is today in this handy and elegantly concise illustrated guide.

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