For Your Consideration: March 2019 LibraryReads Titles

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“Wrongly accused of abducting Claire Bingley, former police detective Ted Conkaffey is protecting himself from Claire’s murderous father by hiding out in a remote town in the Australian rain forest and trying to find the real culprit. Meanwhile, the detective inspector investigating the killing of two bartenders at the local Barking Frog Inn is a homicide first timer. Enter tattooed-to-the-hilt Amanda Pharrell, a private detective who’s done time for murder and who joins with Ted to discover who’s responsible for all the blood. Just the way Ned Kelly Award–winning Fox joins forces with James Patterson now and again.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

MAKE ME A CITY by Jonathan Carr

“The rise of Chicago in the 19th century provides the frame for a trove of colorful stories and characters in this entertaining debut novel…Carr has a sure touch, and in many extended anecdotes, his narrative skills show exceptional detail, pacing, and tension. A solid storyteller enlivens a rich patch of American history.”–Kirkus Reviews


“The events unfold at a breakneck pace, as usual, but Berry slows things down once in a while to give the reader some much-needed exposition and historical context. He really is very good at the historical-conspiracy thriller; he’s a skilled writer—much more so than Dan Brown, to whom he’s often compared—and a more dexterous plotter than many of his contemporaries. Fans of the Malone series will give this one an enthusiastic thumbs-up.”–Library Journal


“[A] linguistically nimble and narratively taut fiction that skews closer to Jeffrey Deaver or Don Winslow than tales of costumed capers. A solid crime novel about people just trying to do the right thing in a bad old world.”–Kirkus Reviews

WHEN ALL IS SAID by Anne Griffin

“Newcomer Griffin’s storytelling, while economical, is rich and evocative, and her deft pacing maintains suspense across several narrative arcs spanning multiple time lines. Her gift for characterization is so powerful that a commemorative coin becomes one of the book’s most compelling characters. Most impressive, of course, is her creation of Maurice. His voice is credible, his story absorbing, and his humanity painfully familiar. VERDICT Highly recommended; this unforgettable first novel introduces Griffin as a writer to watch.”–Library Journal, starred review

THE PERFECT ALIBI by Phillip Margolin

“Convicted of rape owing to solid DNA evidence, a local college athlete is granted a new trial when a second rape is committed while he is behind bars—and the DNA evidence matches that in the first assault. Thereafter, his original lawyer vanishes and the lawyer’s partner is murdered—all of which creates trouble for Robin Lockwood, who finds herself defending the initial victim in a civil lawsuit against the man she accused, whom she now fears is stalking her. Another keenly intricate plot from the New York Times best-selling author, recently seen with THE THIRD VICTIM.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

“Legal-thriller fans will find it satisfying to see Margolin back at the top of his game.”–Booklist


2 starred reviews!

“[G]orgeously crafted diplomatic space opera… Readers will eagerly await the planned sequels to this impressive debut.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Politics and personalities blend with an immersive setting and beautiful prose in a debut that weaves threads of identity, assimilation, technology, and culture to offer an exceedingly well-done sf political thriller.”–Library Journal, starred review


A young postman is diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer and learns he doesn’t have long to live. He goes home to sulk with his cat, Cabbage, whom he inherited after his mother’s death. There he’s greeted by his doppelganger, who’s dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, goes by the name of Aloha, and claims he is the devil. Aloha offers the postman a deal: He will grant the postman one extra day of life, but in exchange the devil gets to banish one thing from earth forever. The first day, in exchange for an extra day of life Aloha gets rid of telephones, then movies, followed by watches. With each object that disappears, the postman reflects on the life he’s lived, his joys, regrets, disappointments, and the people he’s loved and lost. On the fourth day when Aloha announces that he’s going to make cats disappear from the face of the earth forever, the postman hesitates. Is he willing to rid the world of cats in exchange for one more day of life?

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