Thriller Thursday (3/5/15 Edition)

Stuck at home on a snow day (or wishing you were)? Macmillan’s got the mysteries to give you more chills than that foot of powder outside!

A near-fatal train accident leaves Molly Murphy sleuthing from the sidelines while her police captain husband has been receiving cryptic notes after each death in a string of murders. “The extremely tricky plot of Bowen’s 14th Molly Murphy mystery will keep even veteran whodunit readers guessing.” — Publishers Weekly

FIREBREAK by Tricia Fields
In the dry landscape of West Texas a massive wildfire provides the perfect opportunity for someone to get away with murder. “Tony Hillerman Prize-winner Fields’s fourth Josie Gray mystery is as crisp as brush ready to catch fire.”
Publishers Weekly

THE HIDDEN MAN by Robin Blake (2 starred reviews!)
“Set in 1742, British author Blake’s superior third whodunit featuring Dr. Luke Fidelis and coroner Titus Cragg centers on an impossible crime. The sleuths are an entertaining duo, and Blake again couples skillful plotting with authentic period details.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

IMPASSE by Royce Scott Buckingham
This modern-day take on The Count of Monte Cristo finds Stu, a recently fired prosecutor, left for dead in the Alaskan wilderness. “Buckingham spins an equally tense but thoroughly modern thriller of survival and revenge in which a man is forced to confront both deadly peril in the wild and a sadistic manipulator and unfaithful wife at home. Highly recommended for those who enjoy men’s adventure tales.” — Library Journal

WHAT THE FLY SAW by Frankie Y. Bailey
Set in the near-future of Albany in 2020, Detective Hannah McCabe must solve the sudden murder of a local father. “A solid crime tale and a fascinating look at a parallel universe.” — Booklist

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