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Rachel Cusk’s PARADE, a startling, exhilarating novel that once again expands the notion of what fiction can be and do, has received three starred reviews!

“The stories of a half-dozen different artists, each identified solely by the initial G, investigate the nature of art, artists, reality, and family relationships… Simmering underneath all the stories and talk is the desolate sense of how alone people can be even, perhaps particularly, in the most intimate relationships—existential issues by no means limited to those who make art. Cusk’s prose is diamond-sharp, as are her insights. Short and intense, crammed with desperately human characters and much food for thought.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“With skill and a disturbing sense of menace, the strands of the seemingly plotless story seem to unravel before readers’ eyes. Cusk’s genius is that, even unmoored from plot, she holds attention, still keeps fingers (and imaginations) always turning that next page. Less a story than a meditation on seeing and what is seen, Cusk’s new novel is a work of quiet intensity with an oddly Zen quality to it; it is a book that makes demands, foremost that readers stop looking and finally see.”—Library Journal, starred review

“Shifting from first person to second and third in narrations of poetic nuance and forthright assertions, Cusk’s haunted characters grapple with arresting and provocative conundrums pertaining to creativity, self, recognition, gender, motherhood, love, and death.”—Booklist, starred review







PARADE by Rachel Cusk; 9780374610043; 6/18/24.


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