Sneak Peek: April 2023 Indie Next List

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Sneak Peak april collage

The April 2023 Indie Next List includes EIGHT Macmillan titles!

9781250834980 | 4/11/23

3 starred reviews!

“Tesh’s sweeping epic wrestles with the nature of hatred, vengeance, and radicalization. The political theme of breaking away from fascist ideology pairs beautifully with smart sci-fi worldbuilding—which encompasses shadow engine technology and time slips—and queer coming of age. This riveting adventure deserves a space on shelves alongside genre titans like Ursula K. Le Guin and Octavia Butler.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Tesh’s epic space opera is bound to make waves as one of the best SF novels of 2023…Tesh asks us what humanity should stand for, questions what shape justice should take, and forces us to take a stark look at what Kyr has to give up in order to be better. Her growth is what powers this expansive story with an action-packed pace full of exciting battles and gut-wrenching twists.”–Booklist, starred review

“Kyr’s character arc is a monumental journey of emotional growth and understanding, grounding the changes and choices throughout her development. Queer relationships and underrepresented characters are woven into the plot and reveal the extreme ableist beliefs that are central to the station.”–Library Journal, starred review

9781250829795 | 3/28/23

2 starred reviews!

“Highly recommended for lovers of Southern gothics, readers who like their horror to sneak up on them, and anyone who appreciates the voice of Kingfisher (WHAT MOVES THE DEAD), no matter what genre she’s currently writing.”–Library Journal, starred review

“Sam makes a charmingly kooky narrator, and Kingfisher remains the best in the business at using horror and fantasy to explore abusive relationships and how to escape them. Horror fans who like a little whimsy on the way to a chilling climax won’t want to miss this.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

BEYOND THAT, THE SEA by Laura Spence-Ash
9781250854377 | 3/21/23

“The author’s choice to highlight an obscure corner of history with the overseas program adds a note of poignancy to Bea’s story, as her voyage took place shortly before two other ships were sunk by the Germans. As well, Spence-Ash generates a stronger emotional charge with her contrasting portrayals of the two families, whose cultural and economic differences make it difficult for Bea to find her own way. Readers will be riveted.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

9781250757869 | available now

“This third thriller from North (after THE SHADOWS) is impossible to define. At its center is a present-day murder, but embedded in its core are the paranormal, elements of cringeworthy horror, and a riveting study of the bonds and boundaries of sibling devotion, as well as a master study on determinism…Everything in this story is connected in ways the reader can’t begin to imagine until a series of stunning parallels and revelations are disclosed. Wait for it!”–Booklist, starred review

HOUSE OF COTTON by Monica Brashears
9781250851918 | 4/4/23

“Brashears has written a lush, pictorial, and often steamy novel with an indelible heroine. Coupling classic gothic elements with a realistic portrayal of the issues facing a young, poor, Black woman with few options, the novel’s many strengths culminate in a powerful and original story that will appeal to a variety of readers across fiction genres.”–Booklist

THE SOULMATE by Sally Hepworth
9781250229700 | 4/4/23

“Short, crisp chapters narrated by Pippa and by Amanda—depicting events both before and after her death—keep the momentum going, and the repressed friction between the Gerards and the Camerons helps build tension…Fans of domestic suspense will be satisfied.”–Publishers Weekly

9781250863461 | 3/21/23

“Pin smoothly juggles Anh’s narrative with snippets of speeches and news reports that provide conflicting views of Margaret Thatcher’s policies toward refugees, as well [as] chapters from the perspectives of the ghost of a younger brother, refugees who are sexually assaulted in Thailand, and a narrator—unidentified until the end—who feels great pressure to do justice to their family’s experiences. With concision and clarity, the author shows a deep understanding of how upheaval can splinter families.”–Publishers Weekly

9781644452271 | 4/4/23

In this collection, Abimbola celebrates Black heritage and culture by imagining what life could’ve been like for those who died at the hands of police. By invoking classic Ghanaian traditions and music, Abimbola sheds light on the past, present, and future for African Americans everywhere.

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