Series Spotlight: Copenhagen Trilogy (1/21/21)

Danish poet Tove Ditlevsen concludes her autobiographical Copenhagen Trilogy with a dark and honest account of addiction.

The Copenhagen Trilogy is a masterful portrait of Ditlevsen’s journey through love, friendship, and ambition, and now, DEPENDENCY reveals her way out of addiction.


“Memoir as confession—a powerful, psychologically astute work of self-examination and remembrance.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

DEPENDENCY: The Copenhagen Trilogy (Volume 3) by Tove Ditlevsen; 9780374602390; available 1/26/21.
YOUTH: The Copenhagen Trilogy (Volume 2); by Tove Ditlevsen; 9780374539405; available 1/26/21.
CHILDHOOD: The Copenhagen Trilogy (Volume 1); by Tove Ditlevsen; 9780374722937; available 1/26/21.

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