Around the World in Books (8/20/20)

Today we’re going around the world in four books with a series debut set in London about a mysterious man devoted to his filing cabinets, a story of love and resilience in wartime Paris, a globe-trotting assassin making his way to Syria, and an in-depth look at The Beatles during their final years around the world.


2 starred reviews!

“Hart (CITY OF INK and two other mysteries featuring 18th-century Chinese librarian Li Du) establishes herself as a versatile talent with this exceptional standalone set in 1703 London…Hart is bound to become a household name for readers who love clever and fair whodunits.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“This glimpse into the intimate circles that will eventually spawn the great museums is highly recommended for historical fiction readers looking for a peek into a fascinating closed society. It is an equally solid choice for historical mystery readers who want to see women with intelligence and agency navigate a time and place not meant for them, but where they thrive nonetheless while solving a delightfully twisty murder.”–Library Journal, starred review


“Things are seldom as they seem in this engrossing tale of identity, survival, loyalty, and love. With frequent time shifts and dubious identities, the author adds considerable depth to her well-crafted tale. Recommended with enthusiasm to anyone with an interest in Paris at war and the much broader themes noted above.”–Library Journal, starred review

ASSASSIN’S STRIKE: A David Slaton Novel by Ward Larsen

“Larsen’s fine sixth David Slaton novel (after 2019’s ASSASSIN’S REVENGE) opens in Damascus, Syria, at a secret meeting between President Petrov of Russia and the new Iranian president, Ahmed Rhamani…Fans will cheer Slaton every step of the way.”–Publishers Weekly

AND IN THE END: The Last Days of The Beatles by Ken McNab

“McNab’s straightforward detailing of the demise of the Beatles will appeal to die-hard Beatles’ fans who thrive on the nitty-gritty.” —Publishers Weekly

THE CABINETS OF BARNABY MAYNE: A Mystery by Elsa Hart; 9781250142818; available now.
PARIS NEVER LEAVES YOU by Ellen Feldman; 9781250622778; available now.
ASSASSIN’S STRIKE: A David Slaton Novel by Ward Larsen; 9780765391568; available now.
AND IN THE END: The Last Days of The Beatles by Ken McNab; 9781250758750; available now.

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