GFA Backlist Spotlight: THE UNSPOKEN NAME

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In this Genre For All spotlight, I’d like to wish a hearty welcome to Andrew, one of our pals over at Tor, who’s come to talk about one of his backlist favs!

Hello genre fans and fantasy stans! Let’s face it there are so many amazing new releases every year and we’ve all got TBR piles through the roof. Sometimes a title we would have loved slips through the cracks. That’s why I’m taking some time today to introduce THE UNSPOKEN NAME by A. K. Larkwood, in case you missed it.

Csorwe has lived her whole life in the orcish House of Silence, marked as the next bride and offering to the Unspoken One, the god of death. In the days before her fourteenth birthday and ritual sacrifice, a stranger travels to the House to request a prophecy. This is the wizard Belthandros Sethennai congenial, cunning, and unreadable. When he commits the great blasphemy of intercepting Csorwe before the Unspoken One’s sanctum, he offers her a new job. Stop being a priestess of death and become his assassin. Live.

This is an exhilarating and harrowing story about defying fate and choosing to live by your own rules. This fantasy will take you from far-off death cults on frozen slopes, through fog-strewn mazes between eaten worlds, and into gorgeous cities of charm and magic, among other evocative locales. I recommend this novel to all fans of fantasy, but particularly those who find themselves considering or on the cusp of great change in their lives. Csorwe often finds herself at a crossroads between what she thought she wanted and what she might want now, and though we’re not all orcish death priestesses, this is a feeling we can all relate to.

“Action-packed and emotionally engaging… Lushly detailed with incredible worldbuilding, Larkwood’s debut is a singular take on orcish fantasy, filled with fierce fighting and magic.” Library Journal, starred review

“An imaginative story of love, sacrifice, and betrayal that traverses worlds in this phenomenal debut… Larkwood’s intricately woven plot is jam-packed with intrigue and excitement. Lyrical, immersive prose masterfully conveys complex worldbuilding.” Publishers Weekly, starred

THE UNSPOKEN NAME by A. K. Larkwood is available now.


Available now from Tor Books

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