Around The World With Books (5/7/20)

Travel around the world with these books, including four strangers righting their wrongs in Paris, a Scandinavian cultural history, a story about how society remembers catastrophe in Japan, and a globe-spanning novel set solely in hotel rooms.

THE PARIS HOURS by Alex George

“George’s third novel (after SETTING FREE THE KITES) is set in 1927 Paris, the heyday of Gertrude Stein, Marcel Proust, and Maurice Ravel… George has captured the ethos of 1920s Paris with a feel similar to Anthony Doerr’s ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE. This title is not to be missed.”–Library Journal, starred review

SCANDINAVIAN NOIR: In Pursuit of a Mystery by Wendy Lesser

“Part literary criticism and part travelogue, this exceptionally well-conceived cultural history compares the ‘mental image’ of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden that critic Lesser (JEROME ROBBINS: A Life in Dance) derived from immersion in Nordic noir thrillers, and the reality she found when she finally visited those countries…This fine exploration of fiction as reality and reality as fiction will draw many readers to the authors she covers.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

FRACTURE by Andrés Neuman

“The stirring latest from Neuman (TRAVELER OF THE CENTURY) opens just before an earthquake sparks the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster on Japan’s east coast… This weighty meditation on human interconnection is well worth a look.”–Publishers Weekly

STRANGE HOTEL by Eimear McBride

“Award-winning Irish novelist McBride (THE LESSER BOHEMIANS, 2016) writes with soul-stirringly inventive language and an immediate, stream-of-consciousness style that’s all her own… This begs to be savored, and reread.”–Booklist

THE PARIS HOURS by Alex George; 9781250307187; available now.
SCANDINAVIAN NOIR by Wendy Lesser; 9780374216979; available now.
FRACTURE by Andrés Neuman; 9780374158231; available now.
STRANGE HOTEL by Eimear Mcbride; 9780374270629; available now.

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