Women 2020 (1/13/20)

Today’s spotlight kicks off the week with some fierce women who took the business world by storm.

UNCANNY VALLEY: A Memoir by Anna Wiener

From stuck, broke, and looking for meaning, to working at a big-data startup in Silicon Valley, Anna Wiener now tells her story as a woman in Silicon Valley’s startup culture. “Equal parts bildungsroman and insider report, this book reveals not just excesses of the tech-startup landscape, but also the Faustian bargains and hidden political agendas embedded in the so-called ‘inspiration culture’ underlying a too-powerful industry. A funny, highly informative, and terrifying read.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

MANIFESTO FOR A MORAL REVOLUTION: Practices to Build a Better World by Jacqueline Novogratz

The founder and CEO of Acumen draws on inspiring stories from other change-makers and her own experiences to create a shortlist of leadership ideas that help make a better world. “Having founded Acumen, a global community of socially conscious partners seeking new ways to fight poverty, New York Times best-selling author Novogratz offers a MANIFESTO FOR A MORAL REVOLUTION, which talks about impact investing (‘doing well by doing good’) and the leadership tools that can make it happen.”–Library Journal Pre Pub Alert

RACHEL MADDOW: A Biography by Lisa Rogak

Little-known details of the cable news anchor show how her strength and voice have paved a road for women in America in this first-ever biography of Rachel Maddow. “Rogak pieces together third-party interviews—with Maddow, her family, and her colleagues—to help tell the story…Rogak touches on Maddow’s personal interests (sports, specialty cocktails) and discusses her struggles with cyclical depression.”–Publishers Weekly

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