Buzzfeed’s “31 Incredible New Books You Need To Read This Spring”

BuzzfeedS17Buzzfeed picked seven standout books from Macmillan as part of their “Incredible New Books You Need To Read This Spring” feature:

WHEREAS by Layli Long Soldier
Layli Long Soldier’s powerful poetry collection WHEREAS challenges the United States government’s treatment of and relationship with Native American peoples and tribes. Elegant, innovative, and necessary, WHEREAS examines a history of violence and treaties and apologies, and reclaims the legal jargon once used to control Native peoples as a form of resistance.

THE FACT OF A BODY by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich
Part murder mystery and part memoir, Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich’s THE FACT OF A BODY is the haunting story of how one convicted murderer and pedophile’s case forced her to grapple with family secrets and her own past. Working a summer internship at a Louisiana capital murder defense firm, Marzano-Lesnevich digs into one case that begins to feel oddly familiar, and eventually is forced to confront her understanding of justice, forgiveness, and truth.

BORNE by Jeff VanderMeer
In Jeff VanderMeer’s BORNE, a young woman named Rachel survives as a scavenger in a dangerous, ruined city filled with discarded experiments from a biotech firm. When Rachel discovers a strange creature hidden in the fur of a giant bear who terrorizes the city, she decides to name the creature “Borne” and brings him home to the sanctuary where she lives. As Rachel’s attachment to Borne grows, so does he, and his existence eventually begins to threaten the security of her home and the city’s balance of power. Extraordinarily imaginative and wonderfully strange, BORNE will constantly keep you guessing.

MARLENA by Julie Buntin
In Julie Buntin’s debut novel MARLENA, sheltered fifteen-year-old Cat has just moved to a new town in rural Michigan after her parents’ divorce. When Cat befriends her charismatic and streetwise neighbor Marlena, she is lured into a new and exciting world full of sex, drugs, alcohol, and the highs of obsessive teenage friendship. MARLENA is the riveting, heartrending story of these two teenage girls, and the wild year that leaves one dead and haunts the other for decades.

Scaachi Koul’s ONE DAY WE’LL ALL BE DEAD AND NONE OF THIS WILL MATTER is a hilariously acute collection of essays about the anxieties and despairs of life, and Koul’s personal experiences as a woman of color and the daughter of Indian immigrants in Western culture. With irreverent wit and fierce honesty, ONE DAY WE’LL ALL BE DEAD AND NONE OF THIS WILL MATTER examines stereotypes, sexism, racial tensions, gender rules, and other absurdities that exist in modern society.
Fun Fact: Scaachi Koul is currently an employee of BuzzFeed.

Rakesh Satyal’s novel NO ONE CAN PRONOUNCE MY NAME follows a community of Indian Americans living in a Cleveland suburb. With plenty of humor and a delicately perceptive understanding of his characters, Satyal tells the story of one immigrant community and the twisting paths they take through life as they struggle to find a place in America while reconciling different cultures and traditions.

ABANDON ME by Melissa Febos
The new memoir by Melissa Febos, ABANDON ME, explores love, art, and history with bracing honesty and a vibrant sense of intellectual curiosity. Weaving together a doomed love affair, family history, and difficult aspects of her past, ABANDON ME is a beautifully written journey through Febos’ world.

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