Friday Reads Stars!

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We’re seeing stars for these great #FridayReads:

THE NOWHERE MAN by Gregg Hurwitz
“As good as ORPHAN X was, this is an even better novel
, mostly because of its more claustrophobic setting (the bulk of the story is set in and around the place where Evan is being held), its captivating villain, and the way the author keeps ratcheting up the danger to Evan. Where there’s Smoak, there’s fire—and plenty of it.” — Booklist, starred review

“Evan’s efforts to elude Van Sciver and company will keep readers on the edge of their seats, but it’s Hurwitz’s engaging, sympathetic characters who place this thriller above the pack.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

THIS IS HOW IT ALWAYS IS by Laurie Frankel
“A big, brave, messy modern family struggles with the challenges of raising a transgender child. As thought-provoking a domestic novel as we have seen this year.” — Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Frankel’s slightly askew voice, exemplified by Rosie and Penn’s nontraditional gender roles, keeps the narrative sharp and surprising. This is a wonderfully contradictory story—heartwarming and generous, yet written with a wry sensibility. ” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Darnielle’s masterfully disturbing follow-up to the National Book Award–nominated WOLF IN WHITE VAN reads like several Twilight Zone scripts cut together by a poet.” — Booklist, starred review

“Powerfully evoking the boredom and salt-of-the-earth determination of Jeremy, his friends, and a haunted survivor determined to redress a great loss, Darnielle adeptly juggles multiple stories that collide with chaotic consequences somewhere in the middle of nowhere. With a nod to urban legends and friend-of-a-friend tales, the author prepares readers for the surreal truth, the improbable events that ‘have form, and shape, and weight, and meaning.’”Publishers Weekly, starred review

THE FIFTH ELEMENT by Jorgen Brekke
“Set in northern Norway around Trondheim, Brekke’s stellar third installment in his Odd Singsaker homicide detective series is divided into four sections. This narrative device is initially perplexing, but it all makes perfect sense in the end.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“The intricately linked plotlines will appeal to puzzle fans. But it’s Brekke’s prodigious powers of invention, his ability to keep coming up with unforgettable characters and indelible episodes, that lift this above his own earlier work and most of the heavy Nordic competition.” — Kirkus Reviews, starred review

EDGAR AND LUCY by Victor Lodato
“Through numerous changing viewpoints, the truth is gradually revealed, creating suspense and rewarding readers with unexpected parallels and touching connections. Lodato’s remarkable novel traces a broken family’s spiritual journey toward healing in moving, magical prose.” — Booklist, starred review

“Flirting with danger on many fronts, this second novel from the author of the award-winning MATHILDA SAVITCH is perceptive, compassionate, and humorous, drawing readers into the lives of these quirky yet recognizable and sympathetic characters.”Library Journal, starred review

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