Booklist’s Best Books of 2016

Booklist revealed their Editors’ Choice picks for 2016, and they include 12 Macmillan titles:
Booklist Editors’ Choice: Adult Books, 2016 (full list)

MAD ENCHANTMENT: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies by Ross King
King, a master at illuminating overlooked facets of art history, tells the full, wondrous, and poignant story of Monet’s three-decade struggle to paint his monumental Water Lilies at Giverny.

BLACK ELK: The Life of an American Visionary by Joe Jackson
Jackson’s exhaustively researched biography of the Sioux visionary and medicine man details his life and the landmark events that shaped it, evoking awe over Black Elk’s struggle to help his embattled people preserve their culture and traditions.

OF ARMS AND ARTISTS: The American Revolution through Painters’ Eyes by Paul Staiti
Staiti zestfully portrays five largely self-taught artists whose paintings helped forge the new American ethos in the midst of war and civic unrest: Charles Willson Peale, Benjamin West, John Trumbull, John Singleton Copley, and Gilbert Stuart.

THE HOUR OF LAND: A Personal Topography of America’s National Parks by Terry Tempest Williams
Williams, an ardent and scrupulous witness to the living world, eloquently reports on her visits to a dozen national parks, interweaving vivid history, precise and rhapsodic description, personal stories, and evocative thoughts about the future.

This ambitious epic of Faulknerian dimension tells multiple stories across many generations, as Morgan attempts to throw her arms around the history of southern racism with the same fervor that she tackles the region’s white family dynasties.

Sneed investigates the dynamics of sexual power, the eroticism of fame, and the impossibility of sequestering pain in her marvelously lucid, empathic, and witty short stories.

Booklist Editors’ Choice: Audio for Adults, 2016 (full list)

BOYS IN THE TREES by Carly Simon, read by the author
Simon’s narration—her sugar-smooth voice and comforting tones—and singing (including a previously unreleased song) elevate the print version of this candid memoir.

A GREAT RECKONING by Louise Penny, read by Robert Bathurst
Bathurst’s nuanced character portrayals and careful pacing help propel this ingenious and atmospheric crime novel to its unexpected and powerful conclusion.

Editors’ Choice: Adult Books for Young Adults, 2016 (full list)

ALL THE BIRDS IN THE SKY by Charlie Jane Anders
Two socially inept tweens—gifted scientist Laurence and burgeoning magic-wielder Patricia—are thrust into a whirlpool of world-ending change and join forces in this knock-your-socks-off blend of science and magic, which follows the pair over decades, as they grow from friends to enemies to potential lovers.

Booklist Editors’ Choice: Books for Youth, 2016 (full list)

WHEN THE MOON WAS OURS by Anna-Marie McLemore
Sam and Miel begin a tentative romance even as Sam is drawn to bacha posh, a Pakistani practice where families allow a daughter to live as a boy. But the mysterious Bonner sisters are paying attention, and they could destroy everything. A fairy tale infused with magic realism and Latino folklore.

Booklist Editors’ Choice: Audio for Youth, 2016 (full list)

CARRY ON by Rainbow Rowell, read by Euan Morton
Morton makes this romantic fantasy in a fan-fiction Harry Potter–like world sing with infinite variety through his captivating narration, at turns gripping, funny, sexy, shocking, and magical.

IF I WAS YOUR GIRL by Meredith Russo, read by Samia Mounts
Actress Mounts’ penetrating performance intensifies this gorgeously written, powerful story of a transgender teen, her struggles, and her search for acceptance, love, and safety.

See these and many more titles in Macmillan’s Best Books of 2016 Edelweiss collection. #CollectionDevelopmentMadeEasy

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