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Anne sweet teeth SpiethIt might be a week before Valentine's Day, but we're already feeling the love!

This morning Anne "the Sweet Teeth" Spieth presented all the latest and greatest titles at the New York Public Library Romance Book Buzz. She also brought homemade chocolate chip cookies in lieu of books saying, "My mom always told me the fastest way to someone's heart is through their stomach."

While sadly we can't share any of her cookies with you, we CAN share our love of great romance titles (har har!): everything from contemporary/paranormal/historical romance to sizzling hot erotica, New Adult, and books OK for YA!

Take a look at the full Edelweiss collection, which has even more red-hot reads than what was presented (120+ titles!!!), download the handout of presented titles, and check out the hijinx that ensued while live-tweeting the buzz at #RomanceNYPL.

Without further ado, here's what's hot in 2014: 

Contemporary Romance: 

SWEET TALK ME by Kieran Kramer, 9781250009913 (On Sale: 3/25/14)
LOVE IN BLOOM by Sheila Roberts (Mass Market reissue), 9781250046475 (On Sale: 3/25/14)
BIKINI SEASON by Sheila Roberts (Mass Market reissue), 9781250051110 (On Sale: 6/3/14)
SMALL CHANGE by Sheila Roberts (Mass Market reissue), 9781250043764 

Sanctuary Island series
SANCTUARY ISLAND by Lily Everett (#1), 9781250018373
SHORELINE DRIVE by Lily Everett (#2), 9781250018397 

Perfect Fit series
DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD by Sugar Jamison (#1), 9781250032973
THROWN FOR A CURVE by Sugar Jamison (#2), 9781250032980 (On Sale: 2/25/14)
GENTLEMEN PREFER CURVES by Sugar Jamison (#3), 9781250032997 (On Sale: 9/30/14) 

New Adult: 

BREATHE INTO ME by Sara Fawkes, 9781250048516 (On Sale: 7/29/14) 

Stage Dive series
LICK by Kylie Scott (#1), 9781250052360 (On Sale: 5/6/14)
PLAY by Kylie Scott (#2), 9781250052377 (On Sale: 8/26/14) 

OK for YA (more titles available under Books for Teens): 

A GIRL CALLED FEARLESS by Catherine Linka, 9781250039293 (On Sale: 5/6/14)
REBORN by C.C. Hunter (Shadow Falls After Dark series #1), 9781250035912 (On Sale: 5/20/14) 


HIS TO COMMAND by Opal Carew, 9780312674632
HIS TO POSSESS by Opal Carew, 9780312674649 (On Sale: 3/18/14)
HIS TO CLAIM by Opal Carew, 9781250052827 (On Sale: 9/2/14)
ANYTHING HE WANTS by Sara Fawkes, 9781250035332
UNBOUND by Susan Donovan & Celeste Bradley, 9781250032645
TAKEN by Lora Leigh, 9781250045454 (On Sale: 7/22/14) 

Romantic Suspense: 

The Cutter Cay series 

UNDERTOW by Cherry Adair (#1), 9780312371920
RIPTIDE by Cherry Adair (#2), 9780312371982
VORTEX by Cherry Adair (#3), 9780312371951 

The Navy SEALs series 

DANGEROUS GAMES by Lora Leigh (#1; Trade Paperback reissue), 9781250036704
HIDDEN AGENDAS by Lora Leigh (#2; Trade Paperback reissue), 9781250036711 (On Sale: 3/4/14)
KILLER SECRETS by Lora Leigh (#3; Trade Paperback reissue), 9781250036728 (On Sale: 5/13/14)

Paranormal Romance: 

The Charley Davidson series 

FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT by Darynda Jones (#1), 9780312577421
SECOND GRAVE ON THE LEFT by Darynda Jones (#2), 9781250005915
THIRD GRAVE DEAD AHEAD by Darynda Jones (#3), 9780312360825
FOURTH GRAVE BENEATH MY FEET by Darynda Jones (#4), 9781250025371
FIFTH GRAVE PAST THE LIGHT by Darynda Jones (#5), 9781250043382
SIXTH GRAVE ON THE EDGE by Darynda Jones (#6), 9781250045638 (On Sale: 5/20/14)
SEVENTH GRAVE AND NO BODY by Darynda Jones (#7), 9781250045645 (On sale: 10/21/14)

The Shadow Shifters series

TEMPTATION RISING by A.C. Arthur (#1), 9780312549107
SEDUCTION’S SHIFT by A.C. Arthur (#2), 9780312549114
PASSION’S PREY by A.C. Arthur (#3), 9780312549121
SHIFTER’S CLAIM by A.C. Arthur (#4), 9781250042910 (On Sale: 7/29/14) 

The Dark Kings series 

DARKEST FLAME by Donna Grant (#1), 9781250041364 (On Sale: 4/29/14)
FIRE RISING by Donna Grant (#2), 9781250041371 (On Sale: 6/3/14)
BURNING DESIRE by Donna Grant (#3), 9781250060709 (On Sale: 9/30/14) 

The Mystwalker series 

THE TROUBLE WITH FATE by Leigh Evans (#1), 9781250006400
THE THING ABOUT WERES by Leigh Evans (#2), 9781250006417
THE PROBLEM WITH PROMISES by Leigh Evans (#3), 9781250006424 (On Sale: 2/25/14) 

The “Stone” series 

HEART OF STONE by Christine Warren (#1), 9781250012654
STONE COLD LOVER by Christine Warren (#2), 9781250012661 (On Sale: 8/26/14) 

The Entity series (by a librarian!) 

SLEEPING WITH THE ENTITY by Cat Devon (#1), 9780312591465
THE ENTITY WITHIN by Cat Devon (#2), 9780312547806
LOVE YOUR ENTITY by Cat Devon (#3), 9780312547813

Historical Romance: 

The Wicked Widows series (by a librarian!)

HOW TO DANCE WITH A DUKE by Manda Collins (#1), 9780312549244
WHY EARLS FALL IN LOVE by Manda Collins (#2), 9781250023841
WHY LORDS LOSE THEIR HEARTS by Manda Collins (#3), 9781250023865 (On Sale: 7/29/14) 

The Cinderella Sisterhood series 

IF THE SLIPPER FITS by Olivia Drake (#1), 9781250001771
STROKE OF MIDNIGHT by Olivia Drake (#2), 9781250002099
ABDUCTED BY A PRINCE by Olivia Drake (#3), 9781250002105 (On Sale: 4/29/14) 

The Scandalous Highlanders series 

THE DEVIL WEARS KILTS by Suzanne Enoch (#1), 9781250041609
ROGUE WITH A BROGUE by Suzanne Enoch (#2), 9781250041616 (On Sale: 7/29/14) 

Kat Martin Mass Market reissues:

GYPSY LORD by Kat Martin, 9781250040749
SWEET VENGEANCE by Kat Martin, 9781250040794
DEVIL’S PRIZE by Kat Martin, 9781250041401 (On Sale: 2/25/14)
BOLD ANGEL by Kat Martin, 9781250041395 (On Sale: 3/25/14)
MIDNIGHT RIDER by Kat Martin, 9781250041418 (On Sale: 7/1/14)
INNOCENCE UNDONE by Kat Martin, 9781250041425 (On Sale: 7/29/14) 

The Worthington Family trilogy (not presented) 

WHEN SHE SAID I DO by Celeste Bradley (#1), 9781250016126  
AND THEN COMES MARRIAGE by Celeste Bradley (#2), 9781250016133
WITH THIS RING by Celeste Bradley (#3), 9781250016140 

The Reckless Brides series (not presented) 

ALMOST A SCANDAL by Elizabeth Essex (#1), 9781250003799
A BREATH OF SCANDAL by Elizabeth Essex (#2), 9781250003805
SCANDAL IN THE NIGHT by Elizabeth Essex (#3), 9781250003812
AFTER THE SCANDAL by Elizabeth Essex (#4), 9781250044570 (On Sale: 3/25/14)
A SCANDAL TO REMEMBER by Elizabeth Essex (#5), 9781250044587 (On Sale: 8/26/14) 

Virginia is for loversEven Virginia "is for lovers" Stanley from HarperCollins approves!

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