Starred Review Roundup (5/7/2024)

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Stars all around! These titles all received multiple starred reviews:

9781250244079 | 8/6/24

“Kingfisher’s remarkable skill for crafting scene-stealing secondary characters is also on full display in ruthless cardsharp Imogen Strauss, über-competent butler Willard, merry widow Penelope Green, and the mysteriously magical horse Falada. Expertly blending humor with folkloric horror, this incredibly satisfying fantasy will delight Kingfisher’s fans and newcomers alike.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

“This is another one of Kingfisher’s marvelous works (like the Hugo-winning NETTLE & BONE) that takes elements of fairy tales, myths, and legends and blends them into a story that feels both familiar and new at the same time while subtly weaving a novel where women play the parts that men traditionally filled, and men serve as helpmeets, sidekicks, and love interests. Even better, the middle-aged heroine both saves the day and gets her happily-ever-after. Highly recommended for readers who enjoy reimagined legends.”—Library Journal, starred review

9781639733064 | 7/9/24

“A young documentary filmmaker considers the ways she could live in the future. Savaş’ unnamed narrator relates the quotidian circumstances of life with her husband, Manu, a nonprofit worker. An appreciation of the value and marvels of living a life that is your own. Perfectly perceptive.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“In the exceptional latest from Savaş (WHITE ON WHITE), an idealistic young couple flounders in their half-hearted effort to put down roots in an unnamed city far from their respective homelands. Savaş captures the singularity of the couple’s logic in lucid prose, and the real estate search gives shape to the spare and subtle narrative . . . It’s a masterpiece.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

SHAKESPEARE: The Man Who Pays the Rent by Judi Dench & Brendan O’Hea
9781250325778 | on sale now

“A literary demonstration of how the iconic actor has lost none of her energy, flair, and fiery intelligence. Through lively conversations, Dench creates a highly satisfying mix of fun, insight, and art. Dench’s memoir of the roles she has loved is a witty, thoroughly entertaining romp through the Shakespearean world.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“According to Oscar-winning actress Dench, Shakespeare is for everyone; readers can bring their own life experiences to his works and interpret them accordingly. A compendium of great wit and wisdom with universal appeal. Both Shakespeare fans and novices, especially students who might find his language difficult to understand, will be delighted.”—Library Journal, starred review

JUDAISM IS ABOUT LOVE: Recovering the Heart of Jewish Life by Shai Held
9781250371799 | on sale now

“An exploration of the role of love in Jewish scripture, ethics, and practice. Readers will be intrigued by the dizzying array of references to Jewish teachers across the centuries, as well as philosophers, Christian theologians, and others, and he approaches topics such as family relations with practicality and nuance. A highly literate, thought-provoking, persuasive argument for the centrality of love in the Jewish faith.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Ultimately, Held draws profound meaning from Judaism and its promise that ‘we are capable of living lives animated by love, mercy, compassion, and generosity.’ This has the power to reshape Jews’ views of their faith.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

FEEDING GHOSTS: A Graphic Memoir by Tessa Hulls
9780374601652 | on sale now

“A graphic novelist contends with her maternal family’s complicated history. From start to finish, this book is a revelation. A work that glimmers with insight, acumen, and an unwillingness to settle for simple answers.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Hulls’s epic, elegantly etched graphic memoir debut tangles with trauma’s long tentacles as she follows three generations of her family from Mao’s China to Hong Kong in the 1960s and eventually to contemporary Northern California. The shadowy, close-hatched drawings detail the landmarks of Sun Yi’s past and render expressionistic portraits of emotional truths, filling panels with maze-like layouts reminiscent of David B. The result is a revelatory work as layered as the history it explores.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Artist/writer/adventurer Hulls presents her debut graphic memoir in 400 black-and-white dense pages that explore (and expose) mental illness, dysfunctional bonds, inherited trauma, and cultural disconnects across three generations. Almost ten years later, audiences are invited to ‘enter this story’—detailed, vulnerable, harrowing—and bear witness to Hulls ‘releasing [her ghosts] into the light.'”—Booklist, starred review

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