YA Spotlight (4/25/22)

Dylan Farrow returns with the thrilling sequel to HUSH as Shae searches for answers and strives to restore peace in a world shrouded in lies.

After Shae’s world is turned upside down, she journeys to the mysterious land of Gondal in search of a dangerous magical book that could alter the fabric of reality.

VEIL by Dylan Farrow

“An easy-to-engage-with slice of escapism that fans of the first volume will appreciate.”
Kirkus Reviews

Don’t miss the first book in the series:

HUSH by Dylan Farrow

“Short action-driven chapters and Shae’s first-person narration move this above-average fantasy romance detective story along at a good clip.”–Booklist

VEIL by Dylan Farrow; 9781250235930; 4/26/22.
HUSH by Dylan Farrow; 9781250235909; available now.

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