YA Spotlight (2/28/22)

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In today’s YA Spotlight, we have an emotional story following a family on the run, a journey of learning to be yourself filled with fandom and friendship, and an epic love adventure taking place in a magical yet haunted forest.

THIS GOLDEN STATE by Marit Weisenberg

“A teen tries to unravel her parents’ secrets, truths that force the family to live on the run…Captivating and introspective.”–Kirkus Reviews

THE ONE TRUE ME AND YOU by Remi K. England

“Teagan and Kaylee explore young love while under threat from mean girl Madison…Delves into both the wonderful communal spaces and the toxic minefields presented by pageants and fandom.”–Kirkus Reviews

EDGEWOOD by Kristen Ciccarelli

“Ciccarelli’s setting is both whimsical and threatening, and while the book is not strictly speaking a fairy tale, it will appeal to anyone who enjoys them.”–School Library Journal

THIS GOLDEN STATE by Marit Weisenberg; 9781250786272; 3/1/22.
THE ONE TRUE ME AND YOU by Remi K. England; 9781250814869; 3/1/22.
EDGEWOOD by Kristen Ciccarelli; 9781250821522; 3/1/22.

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