Flatiron to Publish Elliot Page’s Memoir (2/24/22)

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Flatiron to publish

Flatiron will publish PAGEBOY, a new memoir from the Umbrella Academy star Elliot Page about his life and career, coming in 2023!

“PAGEBOY will give readers a look into Elliot Page’s journey from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Hollywood,” Flatiron said in a news release. “The memoir will delve into Page’s relationship with his body, his experiences as one of the most famous trans people in the world, and will cover mental health, assault, love, relationships, sex, and the cesspool that Hollywood can be.”

Bryn Clark, Flatiron senior editor, described Page’s memoir as “a complicated coming of age where he struggles to maintain his strong sense of self in the face of a society that slowly fractures and fragments anyone who doesn’t fit neatly into a binary-driven world.” She added that it “knocked the wind out of me.”

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