Genre Friday: SF/Speculative (2/18/22)

A disposable employee and his unwanted clone on a mission to colonize an ice world + a family clinging to life after an environmental disaster has wiped out the rest of humankind = this week’s Genre Friday sci fi/speculative spotlight!


“Ashton’s novel begins as farce and ends as something considerably deeper; as an Expendable, MICKEY7 is able to ask what makes someone human or who has the right to destroy a place in order to occupy it. Highly recommended for readers of colonization SF.”–Library Journal, starred review


“Williams’s disquieting survival novel is meant to evoke a visceral, uncomfortable reaction in readers, enhanced by the eerily detached omniscient narration that reveals intimate and depraved details… this odd, deeply unsettling story will have readers vacillating between overwhelming disgust and an inability to stop thinking about what it all means.”–Library Journal

MICKEY7 by Edward Ashton; 9781250275035; available now.
THE DOLORIAD by Missouri Williams; 9780374605087; 3/1/22.

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