For Your Consideration: August 2021 LibraryReads Titles

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ONCE THERE WERE WOLVES by Charlotte McConaghy
ISBN 9781250244147, on sale 8/3/21
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“Inti Flynn has arrived in Scotland with twin sister Aggie to lead a team of biologists reintroducing 14 gray wolves to the Highlands. But she also wants to help Aggie heal from chaotic events back in Alaska. The wolves do well until a fatal mauling brings forth local wrath, but Inti doubts that the wolves are responsible. From the author of the perceptive, gorgeously written MIGRATIONS, an LJ Best Book.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

THE GUILT TRIP by Sandie Jones
ISBN 9781250265586, on sale 8/3/21
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“Friends since university, Rachel and Noah are now married to Jack and Paige, respectively, and now that Jack’s brother Will is marrying wild-child Ali, it’s time for everyone to get together at a destination wedding. Small tensions might be inevitable, but the weekend is ripped open when Rachel discovers something truly shocking about the bride-to-be.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

THE HUSBANDS by Chandler Baker
ISBN 9781250319517, on sale 8/3/21
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“Newly pregnant, Nora Spangler is staring down a partnership review at her law firm while juggling parenting and domestic responsibilities, barely suppressing simmering rage at her husband, Hayden, who casually dismisses her burdens… Baker uses Nora’s relatable sense of being overwhelmed to stoke suspense in this dark exploration of modern family dynamics. A prime choice for book groups.”–Booklist

ISBN 9781250621122, on sale 8/3/21
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With witty characters and heartrending romance, Jayci Lee, author of A SWEET MESS, returns with THE DATING DARE—where two people might just find out how hard it is to resist falling in love with the right person.

DARK ROADS by Chevy Stevens
ISBN 9781250133571, on sale 8/3/21
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“Women keep disappearing on a desolate stretch of road called Cold Creek Highway, which is the perfect cover when Hailey McBride decides to run away from a life she can no longer abide. Later, troubled Beth Chevalier has come to Cold Creek to attend a memorial for the victims, but she’s also determined to set her own life right by finding out what happened to sister Amber.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

ISBN 9781250796226, on sale 8/3/21
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“All bashed up after the drunk driving accident she caused, almost-30 Sunday Brennan returns from Los Angeles to New York. Now she must explain to both family and ex-fiancé why she abandoned them five years ago, even as she realizes that they really need her.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

ISBN 9781250774552, on sale 8/10/21
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Sliding Doors meets Life After Life in Sarah Adlakha’s story about a wife and mother who is given the chance to start over at the risk of losing everything she loves.

THE SHOW GIRL by Nicola Harrison
ISBN 9781250200150, on sale 8/10/21
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“Olive McCormick leaves behind secrets in Minnesota when she travels to New York to make it big on Broadway… Can she be both a wife and a stage performer? Full of surprises and romance, Harrison’s novel keeps readers turning the pages awaiting Olive’s fateful future. Fans of Elizabeth Gilbert’s CITY OF GIRLS (2019) will drink this up.”–Booklist

GONE FOR GOOD by Joanna Schaffhausen
ISBN 9781250264602, on sale 8/10/21
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“Author of the ‘Ellery Hathaway’ mysteries, Schaffhausen launches a new series in GONE FOR GOOD with Det. Annalisa Vega facing down the Lovelorn Killer, who appears to be active again after two decades—though maybe he never left town.”–Library Journal, Pre-Pub Alert

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