Author Spotlight: Steve Berry (2/25/21)

New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry takes readers on an adventure with each book in his Cotton Malone series.

Now, this 16th thriller in the series takes us to Germany where a secret WWII document comes to light.


“At the start of bestseller Berry’s thrilling 16th Cotton Malone novel (after 2020’s THE WARSAW PROTOCOL), former U.S. president Danny Daniels travels to Bavaria at the request of Marie Eisenhuth, the pro-American German chancellor…Fans of over-the-top action yarns will be pleased.”–Publishers Weekly

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“Holy relics, a salt mine, and treachery feature in this 15th entry in the author’s Cotton Malone series (THE MALTA EXCHANGE, 2019, etc.)…An enjoyable read. Berry’s fans won’t be disappointed.”–Kirkus Reviews


“Bestseller Berry’s enthralling 14th Cotton Malone novel (after 2018’s THE BISHOP’S PAWN) finds former U.S. Justice Department operative Malone on a freelance assignment to retrieve long-lost correspondence between Benito Mussolini and Winston Churchill.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

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THE KAISER’S WEB by Steve Berry; 9781250140340; available now.
THE WARSAW PROTOCOL by Steve Berry; 9781250140326; available now.
THE MALTA EXCHANGE by Steve Berry; 9781250140289; available now.

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