Author Spotlight: David Duchovny (2/16/21)

As a television actor, stage actor, screen actor, screenwriter, director, AND New York Times bestselling author, David Duchovny is a master of telling stories about families, relationships, and epic adventures.

In his heartbreaking TRULY LIKE LIGHTNING, Duchovny asks the question of how to make sense of a world full of extremes.

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“A deeply religious and pious family of Latter-day Saints finds their world upended when a corrupt real estate company targets their land…An engrossing story about a clash of cultures and the extremities of faith.”–Kirkus Reviews

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“Duchovny’s possibility-fueled romance, both intellectual and approachable, seamlessly blends frenetically paced pop culture references with the antics of bored, nearly forgotten gods in this modern retelling of the Emer and Cuchulain myth.”–Publishers Weekly


“A frustrated young writer discovers a surprising redemption when he moves back in with his dying father…A sentimental, staccato love letter to baseball, fatherhood, and the passage of time.”–Kirkus Reviews


“[Duchovny’s] debut novel is a charming fable about dignity and tolerance, complete with anthropomorphized animals and replete with puns, double-entendres and sophisticated humor.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

TRULY LIKE LIGHTNING by David Duchovny; 9780374277741; available now.
MISS SUBWAYS by David Duchovny; 9780374538378; available now.
BUCKY F*CKING DENT by David Duchovny; 9780374536800; available now.
HOLY COW by David Duchovny; 9780374535902; available now.

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